Say Hello To Our Little Friend

15 08 2007

What should we name him?

Oh my. We have a new buddy in our yard. Being new homeowners who have not spent more than one full weekend in their house, we clearly have not gotten to the yard part of things. Well, we were forced to think about it a bit tonight. This little guy was trapped near our basement door. Yay.

 Apparently, this would be what makes our fellow Northwesterner’s crazy. Moles. What would you name the critter who will probably destroy your yard in a few years?




2 responses

20 08 2007

I’d name her Molinda. If its a boy, Mo.

31 08 2007

he’s kinda cute….you didnt kill him did you???
if you cant figure out if it is a guy or a girl….you could always name it the “holy moly”

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