A Wildlife Infused Commute

22 08 2007

Beaver Gnaws Tree; Freeway Ramp Blocked

The Washington State Patrol and the State Department of Fish and Wildlife are on the look-out for a trouble-making beaver. The beaver chewed down a tree that ended up blocking the entire ramp from Southbound 405 to Westbound 520 during the overnight hours last week.(source: http://q13.trb.com/news/kcpq-082107-freewaybeaver,0,44810.story?coll=kcpq-news-1)

Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Kim Chandler says the beavers are common in the creeks surrounding Lake Washington and travel up to 500 yards from their homes for food. “I suspect he was looking for something to eat, and as he was looking for something to eat, he went up the drainage and went ‘Aah, here’s food. Here’s cottonwood trees. Here’s poplar trees.’ That’s good beaver food, and he doesn’t care about freeways and cars and things. He thinks, it’s two in the morning I’m going to get something to eat.”

The Department of Transportation chopped up the log and cleared the area in about a half an hour. Chandler says they did the beaver a favor. “I’m sure he came back the next night, and carried a lot of it away.”

Because the beaver could come back to chew down another tree, if the bothersome beaver is spotted he may be relocated to a spot a little further from the freeway.


This kind of story makes me giggle. This is a major freeway in Seattle’s suburban neighborhoods that is plagued by horrible traffic (some friends have noted it “The Devil’s Highway” after a 2 hour trip to the airport at 6am). The beaver chose to gnaw the tree at the intersection of 405 and 520 (the state route connecting the burbs to the city, mom has received many many “entertain me” phone calls from me on said state route) blocking the on ramp snarling yesterday morning’s commute. The beaver has left the area and they don’t know if he’ll come back for a new tree. 🙂 If I find a picture, I’ll be sure to post it!




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