The Fruit of Summer

24 08 2007

We have discovered a fruit & vegetable stand just up the street from our house. This place is like nothing I’ve ever seen! Being there did bring up very faint memories of me standing somewhere with my neighbor Tracy, holding our strawberry shortcake dolls, while our moms got tons of fruit & veggies…Co-op! Why don’t they have these much anymore?

 Anyway, today, I got ALL of these fruits and vegetables for $23! It kills me that at any regular super market I could pay more than twice that amount for the same, but lower quality items.

Fruit Stand

Off to make a giant fruit salad and head to my friend’s birthday party! Pictures are sure to follow of some weekend festivities.

And since we have not been able to finish unpacking the house enough to send pictures to everyone, I’ll show you a bonus pic me playing with my favorite toy in the kitchen – my pot filler! 🙂

Pot Filler

Note the shirt I’m wearing. I put it on when I’m craving a Tostada Burger.




5 responses

25 08 2007

Yum! That fruit looks so good–not as good as a tostada burger at Chris Madrid’s. The Knockes, Mays and Krugers braved flooding conditions to eat at CM’s–even though the tv guys were telling everyone to stay home.

25 08 2007

I’d brave any kind of weather for a Tostada Burger!

27 08 2007

I’ve never seen parents so hungry for a burger in all my life. It was fascinating to watch! (Of course Ryan and I HAD to join). JEss

28 08 2007

Oops, sorry Jess! You and Ryan were the cutest people there (probably the sanest–you were probably wondering why we didn’t just stay home and cook like most not-crazy people).

30 08 2007

Kim, your mom and I are waiting for your 8 things we don’t know about you. Your fruit is pretty and all, but I want some juicy stuff.

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