Apparently, I’ve been tagged

28 08 2007

Is this the new wave of blogging? I remember snail mail chain letters, and then to “send this to 50 people or your wish won’t come true” emails, to tagging in blogs. Fun!

My sweet friend Jessica “tagged” me and I’m to tell you 8 things you might not know about me. Anyone who reads this is supposed to do the same. I’m not the most private person in the world, and now everyone knows I was a mini-pyro as a kid, so this could be tough, but here goes…

1. When I moved to Seattle, I thought I’d hate it and want to move back immediately. My only goal was to get out of Dallas for a year. Six+ years later…

2. I used to call MTV’s request line from the pool pay phone when I was a little kid. We didn’t even have cable so I could watch it later. I just wanted to know that MY request was going to make it on tv. Sigh, they don’t even play music videos anymore. I still remember the number. 1-800-DIAL-MTV.

3. On the note of MTV, I might still resent my older sister for making me sit at Chrissy’s (is that our old next door neighbor’s name?) house and wait for the “fuzzy screen” that indicated The Reflex video by Duran Duran was starting. I had to call her immediately and if she wasn’t there by they time the showed Simon Le Bon, I wasn’t allowed to watch the video with them.

4. I really want to get a dog. But I’m too allergic. Sometimes I wish I could just “deal” with it. Isn’t he cute? He’s supposed to be hypo-allergenic, but I still feel all wonky just looking at him.

Wheaten Terrier

5. I love my Dyson vacuum cleaner so much. I’ve thought about writing an ode to the machine that works magic.

6. I’ve seriously considered “borrowing” some of the tomatoes that I planted in our rental house in May. They are right on the alley, I could get some, people wouldn’t notice. Technically, they are mine. I bought them and cared for them until July, just before they really started ripening right?

7. I *hate* the return of the 80’s fads. Desperately. Skinny jeans are just not cute (sorry if you wear them 🙂 – I’m sure YOU look precious in them)

8. When I didn’t want Melissa to come play with me and the neighborhood crew (Jess), I would tell her that mom just made a fresh  batch of apple juice and had it in the kitchen for her. Her eyes would get huge and she’d run off to get it and I’d take off to go play with my friends. I still think of that almost every day and wonder how I’ll get paid back (hmmm…maybe #3 was just me “paying it forward” in a not so nice way).




4 responses

1 09 2007

I never knew you were so mean to poor Melissa. Do you remember the harassment about the snail killing? It’s amazing she turned out to be such a great person. When we’re in Seattle, I’ll help you get your rightful share of the tomatoes you so lovingly grew.

2 09 2007

*bottom lip sticking out and quivering*
“It will still take them a long time to get back”
🙂 love ya mel.

2 09 2007

hahahahaa!!! I love that you called the MTV hotline. that’s awesome!!!

5 09 2007

OK! you have to tell the story guys!!
we had this thing where every time after it rained we would go outside and pick up the snails that were threatening to eat mom’s flowers and throw them into the street. well, me being the sweet, inocent, gentle little girl that i was, couldn’t throw them all the way to the street……..they just landed in the grass.
Kim, being the mean, brat that she was, yelled bratily-like, “Melissa, you aren’t doing it right!!! you are just throwing them in the grass!!!!”
I replied, humiliated (lip quivering), “it will still take them a long time to get back!?!”

Now, to tell you how i paid kim back…..
She loved vanilla pudding……sooooo…..
One night i ran into kim’s room and told kim that mom had just made some vanilla pudding and that it was ready to eat.
So kim immediately ran to the kitchen all excited only to find the kitchen empty with no pudding. Of course, she tattled on me. So, mom being the sweet, giving, loving mom that she IS, made chocolate pudding (b/c i didnt like vanilla and she likes both) and wouldn’t let me have any!!! justice served.

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