The “Joys” of Homeownership

30 09 2007

We woke up to a really chilly, rainy Sunday morning. That usually means a long breakfast, cups of coffee and lingering over the paper while watching the Seahawks game. Well. We got part of that today. We have a known leak in the roof, that we are in progress of having fixed, this is our first sustained rain in the house.

As we were having our breakfast, Scott points out that there is a “bubble” in the paint in the kitchen. Uhoh.


I poke a hole in it to relieve it, while Scott climbs into the attic. Too bad, the space where the water is coming in is too short to put a bucket or even a pan. So, we figure it’s time for a stop-gap solution…

On the Roof Again

Yep, that is him. My hero…on the roof…in a downpour. Nailing heavy duty plastic to the leaky part of the roof. Probably not the longest term solution, but it seems it is slowing the leak until the roofer can find his way to our house. In the meantime, I am cleaning up the mess inside and quite sad my little kitchen (which I cleaned yesterday) is so dirty:

Sad Leak

And he is busy rigging up some fans in the attic to dry out the insulation and beams.

In the Attic

I still can’t complain, I don’t have a “river of poo” running through my yard…at least we all have a good sense of humor and realize that it will all get fixed. 🙂 Happy Sunday everyone!

The Brothers

26 09 2007

A double peak mountain in the Olympic Mountain Rangeat Sunset. Snapped this on the way to dinner in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle. My camera was just slow enough that I missed the sun dipping behind the mountains by a nano-second.


Mascot Saves the Game!

25 09 2007

I really cannot stop watching this clip. It was on our local news last night, and I had to dig it up to share with everyone. A rowdy fan ran down on the field during the Kansas City Chiefs game last week and he was quickly controlled. The best is the security guards trying to cuff the guy on the field while the rat (?) is celebrating his triumph. Enjoy!

I Don’t Like Chocolate

25 09 2007

Really! I really do not like sweet stuff. The problem? There are all these great boutique shops popping up that are so adorable inside, I can’t resist. Then I feel the need to support a local, new business…so I buy something. Sigh.

Today I had a mini strawberry cupcake and a chocolate chip cookie. Why couldn’t I stop at mini cupcake? Because someone behind me said “Oh my gosh! This is the chewiest, most savory chocolate chip cookie that’s ever touched my lips.” Well, there solves the “I don’t like sweets” problem. Savory? Chewy? I stand no chance.

The Chocolate Box just popped up a couple of blocks from my office. A co-worker and I walked over for a late afternoon snack, it was fun!

Cupcake and Cookie

The best part is the pig outside. He’s all dipped in chocolate and his quote is “Happy as a pig in mud, or better yet, chocolate!” He is by far my favorite of the Pigs on Parade this year. What I can’t figure out is why he is wearing that mask. Did he break into the chocolate shop and eat it all in the middle of the night? Why, pig?

Pig on Parade

What a week!

22 09 2007

My hiatus is for a good reason. Mom & Dad came to town! They rented a truck and drove some furniture from Los Alamos all the way here (31 hours straight, I might add). We had a great week spending quality time together and eating. I think I gained 10 pounds last week 🙂 Some photos of our adventures…

Cleaning up some of the furniture

Cleaning Furniture

Watch Out for the dip in the driveway!

Watch out for that dip!!

I had to drag them along for an errand. The nursery got a new shipment of the hydrangeas we wanted to plant…we needed 3. As you can see, they are NOT small.

Packed Car

Poor Dad, we made him sit in the back with the plants.

Poor Dad

One night we hiked to the beach at Carkeek Park just in time for Sunset

Sunset at the Beach

Oops, it got a little dark on the way home. Notice Scott grabbed an apple from the orchard in the middle of the park.

Hiking home 

As a thank you for all of their help getting this beautiful furniture to us, we sent them to the San Juan Islands. Notice, there was a tag along who looks a lot like me!

Friday’s Historic Inn 

We went to Lime Kiln State Park to look for whales (none to be found)

Lime Kiln State Park 

But we did meet this guy. He was snorty and fat.

Not your average puppy 

Mom and Dad chilling at the light house

Hanging out at the Light House 

Kim & Dad taking in the view

 Still at the Light House 

The next day we toured the island a bit and went to Roche Harbor. Mom & Dad sitting in “the throne of Jupiter”

 Throne of Jupiter - Roche Harbor 

Enough said in the sign…

Ummm. Ok. 

This was our transportation around the island. Nice, huh? Kidding, it was a beautiful yacht occupied by 4 people, while we think it could have slept 50! There were 5 people just cleaning the dinghy in the back!

Our boat. Really! 

In the afternoon, we picked up sandwiches and camped out at Lime Kiln State Park again, hoping for whales, but really just getting in some good relaxation. Dad & I hiked to Dead Man’s Bay.

 Hiking from Dead Man’s Bay 

He decided he’d rather go home.

Ready to go home? 

But Mom wanted to buy this house.

Mom’s new house 

The last day in the islands, we headed to Orcas Island (Sharla & Jake’s favorite island). We had a great time, but forgot to take any pictures!! Here is one of us eating lunch at the ferry terminal. As you can tell, the weather was sorry. Darn that Western Washington weather.

Lunch at the Orcas Ferry Terminal 

Bye Bye Orcas!

Bye Bye Orcas! 

Check out mom’s beautiful bracelet! She wore it the ENTIRE trip. We decided she should showcase it while on the ferry.

Beautiful Bracelet 

The trip is over L We had such an incredible week. Thank you for everything  – you truly are the best parents ever! (we’re just waiting for that puppy now J)

Best Parents Ever 

Love you both.