Two Years Ago Today

2 09 2007

Was one of the most fun days of my life! We were working up in Anchorage, Alaska for the summer and were finishing up a project. One Friday morning, Scott decided we needed to see a little more to the south of Anchorage (we had explored quite a bit north). That morning was one of the prettiest days, Denali was visible from my hotel room window (a rare thing that summer as it rained quite a bit) through a beautiful sun rise.

We drove south of town to Seward. I had never been further south than Girdwood, and wow. Stunning. The mountains were a beautiful shade of red and the air was crisp! We took a cruise through Kenai Fjords National Park where we saw what was left of the wildlife that had not yet migrated south. Sea otters & sea lions (I dont think they migrate), puffins, humpback whales, etc.

It was a bit chilly out on the deck, so I kept needing to go inside the cabin to warm up. Scott was acting weird. He usually has his camera out snapping pictures of anything that moves (or doesn’t move…just anything). No pictures. I thought he was seasick.

Finally, when the boat stopped cruising and paused for a photo op, Scott took his op to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him! I was confused and didn’t think he was serious for a while. Then I got on my knees and said “yes!” Still a bit confused and dazed.

The remainder of the cruise was a bit blurry to me, except when we went to see Aliak Glacier and the whole day hit me.

On our drive back to Anchorage that evening we saw Beluga Whales along the Turnagain Arm – something I’d been so anxious to see in the two years I worked up there. Finally! We then shared a delightful meal of those GIANT Alaskan Sea Scallops (drool) and a cheeseplate at the Turnagain House. All in all, a perfect day!

Denali  Sea Otters  Three Hole Bay

Before  After  Kim up to no good

Before proposal ………..After proposal




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