Sort of Like the Drive-In Movies

9 09 2007

Some friends had us over for “outdoor cinema” last night! They made us an incredible dinner (including fresh blackberry pie – blackberries picked just by them!) and set up the screen. It was a crisp night so we burrowed under blankets and watched Blade Runner.

 A great time was had by all!

Blade Runners




5 responses

10 09 2007

That looks like a blast! What a good idea! Wish I was snuggled up with ya in my Stawberry Shortcake Sleeping Bag….Or, my hand-me-down Crayola Crayons.

10 09 2007
Pam May

So happy to see you have a blog. What a wonderful life you are having there in the far west corner of the USA.
You guys have the neatest picture ideas and I love reading about the things you are doing. So it’s cold or cool up there hey? Lucky. We have another month or so for that to happen.

10 09 2007

It sure is cooling down at night, but we were up in the high 80s today! (that is hot, we have no A/C up here). Hopefully we get another couple weeks of summer! The far west corner of the USA would be more wonderful if I could transplant a few people from the far south-central part!

15 09 2007
Pam May

OK you’ve done it now, the cupcake bakeshop is by far my favorite place to go and just drool. O my gosh. And if I ever make it to your place can we go there straight away?

15 09 2007

NO WAY!!!! That’s too fun:))))

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