What a week!

22 09 2007

My hiatus is for a good reason. Mom & Dad came to town! They rented a truck and drove some furniture from Los Alamos all the way here (31 hours straight, I might add). We had a great week spending quality time together and eating. I think I gained 10 pounds last week 🙂 Some photos of our adventures…

Cleaning up some of the furniture

Cleaning Furniture

Watch Out for the dip in the driveway!

Watch out for that dip!!

I had to drag them along for an errand. The nursery got a new shipment of the hydrangeas we wanted to plant…we needed 3. As you can see, they are NOT small.

Packed Car

Poor Dad, we made him sit in the back with the plants.

Poor Dad

One night we hiked to the beach at Carkeek Park just in time for Sunset

Sunset at the Beach

Oops, it got a little dark on the way home. Notice Scott grabbed an apple from the orchard in the middle of the park.

Hiking home 

As a thank you for all of their help getting this beautiful furniture to us, we sent them to the San Juan Islands. Notice, there was a tag along who looks a lot like me!

Friday’s Historic Inn 

We went to Lime Kiln State Park to look for whales (none to be found)

Lime Kiln State Park 

But we did meet this guy. He was snorty and fat.

Not your average puppy 

Mom and Dad chilling at the light house

Hanging out at the Light House 

Kim & Dad taking in the view

 Still at the Light House 

The next day we toured the island a bit and went to Roche Harbor. Mom & Dad sitting in “the throne of Jupiter”

 Throne of Jupiter - Roche Harbor 

Enough said in the sign…

Ummm. Ok. 

This was our transportation around the island. Nice, huh? Kidding, it was a beautiful yacht occupied by 4 people, while we think it could have slept 50! There were 5 people just cleaning the dinghy in the back!

Our boat. Really! 

In the afternoon, we picked up sandwiches and camped out at Lime Kiln State Park again, hoping for whales, but really just getting in some good relaxation. Dad & I hiked to Dead Man’s Bay.

 Hiking from Dead Man’s Bay 

He decided he’d rather go home.

Ready to go home? 

But Mom wanted to buy this house.

Mom’s new house 

The last day in the islands, we headed to Orcas Island (Sharla & Jake’s favorite island). We had a great time, but forgot to take any pictures!! Here is one of us eating lunch at the ferry terminal. As you can tell, the weather was sorry. Darn that Western Washington weather.

Lunch at the Orcas Ferry Terminal 

Bye Bye Orcas!

Bye Bye Orcas! 

Check out mom’s beautiful bracelet! She wore it the ENTIRE trip. We decided she should showcase it while on the ferry.

Beautiful Bracelet 

The trip is over L We had such an incredible week. Thank you for everything  – you truly are the best parents ever! (we’re just waiting for that puppy now J)

Best Parents Ever 

Love you both.




10 responses

22 09 2007

It was a very fun week! Everytime we come we understand why you and Scott abandoned your roots!! Love you lots and miss you already!!! (By the way, my bracelet was made by Jack Cowden, the most precious 5-year old ever!!).

22 09 2007

Ahh… there was a little side trip not mentioned. A guided fishing trip in the cold rain. It was great fun even though we caught no fish… there is no stinking fish in that ocean! I could have stayed a lot longer… Kim and Scott should not be so nice to us next time.

23 09 2007

That trip looks like so much fun!!! What perfect week. I can’t wait to get up there with an older Ryan so he can see the whales. Love you Kimbo.

23 09 2007

O Wow. That made me want to go there. Your mom and dad looked like they were on a honeymoon. Wow what a darling couple. How fun you all had. You are a special girl Kim made by special parents who love you very much. Ya I do understand why you won’t be coming back. I’ll have to make a trip up there when I’m able. Up there to God’s country. Glad to have your mom back. I have to tell them that Chesley and I have the same shoes they have. Wouldn’t we look great, the four of us walking around. I do.
love you kim

23 09 2007
Pam May

I left a long comment and now I don’t see it. What happened. O well, I loved the pictures and they make me want to go there. Loved the plants, especially the one with glasses. You DO have the best parents. But does your mom REALLY want that house up there where no one is??? O maybe she does. She is always so busy helping everyone down here she probably would love that house.
You all look like you had tons of fun. So glad everything turned out OK and they made the trip there and back.
love pam

23 09 2007

For some reason, it made me moderate your first comment, Pam – it’s there now! You know there is always an open door here. Please do come visit some time! -xo

23 09 2007

I forgot to thank you for the very flattering picture of me on my bum! I think I will have to get even! Still love you anyway!

24 09 2007

wow kim, what a great time! i love all the pictures!! how precious are your mom and dad in all the pics….so happy and in love! and the one of you and your dad is sooo sweet!!! the hike looked amazing!! glad yall had such a great time together!! isnt family THE BEST!!

25 09 2007

i understand why you abandoned your roots too…….but couldnt you have abandoned them a little closer?? just kidding.
everytime i see your pictures or come visit i want to move there too. so you can stay there and i will just come visit. that picture is really cute of you and dad….it’s a framer. so is the one of mom on her “bohonkus”.
love you sissy…..you are pretty special like pam said. i’ll keep you.

28 09 2007

Ah, she ain’t THAT special! JUST KIDDING! Love and miss you to pieces. Can’t wait for you to get here over Christmas and us meet up at Tai Pei!

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