Happy Halloween!

31 10 2007

I have a guest star tonight. The most precious bumblebee that ever buzzed around south Texas. She did a little trick-or-treating tonight too! Too bad shedidn’t stop by our house, lots of hugs and kisses from her aunt.

Sweet Bee

We also carved jack-o-lanterns this week. We used those silly drugstore stencils, they were really fun! Only a few kids asking for treats tonight, now a giant bowl of candy sitting here. Must take to work tomorrow!





7 responses

31 10 2007

Your home looks very cozy in that picture! Abby loved being dressed up and actually got a lollypop in her mouth, but her mom grabbed it before she get through the paper. No sugar this year!!!

2 11 2007

Ohh my gosh little Abigail is soo CUTE!! and soo happy! ohh I can’t wait to giggle with her!! NICE WORK on the pumpkin carving!!

2 11 2007

O Abby is darling in her bumble bee outfit. What a cute idea. She is just all smiles. Did she buzz out to your place for candy?
O I love your fire place. maybe tuesday we can light our fires. maybe, just maybe. think cold.

3 11 2007

in texas, we carve our pumpkins outside.
i agree with pam…your living room looks sooo cozy! cant wait to come see it!
your pumpkins were very professional!

5 11 2007

Cutest bumble bee I’ve ever seen. Kim, what a romantic pumpkin carving night! And, you love ROASTING! hahahaa!

5 11 2007

looks like your pumpkins were about to make love. 🙂

7 11 2007

Jess – You are such a dirty bird. We have no baby pumpkins around here, so there were no such acts 😀 (Just some roasted pumpkin seeds, tee hee)

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