Salmon, its what’s for dinner?

26 11 2007

After our visit to Piper’s Creek, it may not be dinner for a very, very long time. The day after Thanksgiving, Scott and I decided we needed some exercise and walked to our local park to view the salmon run.

For those who may not know, about this time each year, the salmon begin their journey from the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound up the creeks and rivers in which they were born to spawn. The Pacific variety will die after spawning. We saw (read: smelled) many who may have spawned in Piper’s Creek (unlikely) or will never make it to their destination. It’s definitely a brutal trek for those fish. We came upon a pool filled with about 10 salmon attempting to make an 18inch jump over a log with pretty fast water rushing down. They were pretty spiteful little (not really, probably all at least 10 pounds) guys and biting each other, fighting their way to the jump.

In the end, after about 45 minutes, we only saw ONE salmon make her way over the log. The others were still fighting it out. We happened to catch some pics of it, but didn’t have our good equipment, so slow digital it is.

Some of the less fortunate, or strong who did not make the journey:

Dead Fish

You can kind of see the three swirling in the water. They just kept biting each other, there were some nasty flesh wounds

Food Fight!

This guy was SO close to making it over, but he stopped and posed for a picture first

Trying to Jump!

YAY! One finally made it over the log. I ran upstream and saw her haul through the creek and jump over another log. She was on a mission to have some babies.

Made it!

We kept laughing pretty hard imitating fish from Alaska. We imagined that they would make fun of these city fish. They don’t even have bears chasing after them yet and they can’t make it. Hahaha!

And to cleanse your pallet after all the stinky fish…A beautiful pear tree in the orchard on the way home. It has really tiny fruit on it, are pears winter fruits?

Pear Tree




5 responses

27 11 2007

so fun!!! yet another reason to move to seattle.
i saw a buck when i walked to my car today….on the side of a major road. is that an unusual occurrence to someone somewhere else???
would someone read that statement and say, “wow!!! how cool must it be to see a deer in the middle of the city when you are driving!! i should move there.”

28 11 2007

O come on now, you guys are killing me. Can’t you get a net and help the fish get up and over???? That is a very sad story. gosh life as a salmon is not a very good one. good thing I’m not one. i’m not very strong. I’d be fighting with the one’s that didn’t make it over. I’d probably feed on them. O dear I think I’m going to be thinking about this for a while. Can you tell it’s late here. I need to go to bed. I’ll let you know if I dream of salmon.

28 11 2007

I’m with Pam. Why didn’t you help the poor salmon over? So sad.

1 12 2007

we should move in next door. any jobs open up there?

1 12 2007

PLEASE MOVE NEXT DOOR! Actually, if you could take over across the street, I’d greatly appreciate it. I bet Billy wouldn’t throw that kind of bad Halloween party. (See my Halloween post if you are confused…we think they are preparing for a “holiday” version of the same thing tonight…eeeeek).

Pam, I tried to get a net, but the salmon police would come after me. Would you come rescue me if I was thrown in jail for assisting a salmon over a log?

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