The Christmas Season Has Begun

1 12 2007

Every year since I have moved to Seattle, I have attended the annual tree & Macy’s star lighting downtown (except last year, but that one can’t count). It’s one of my favorite downtown excursions…the day after Thanksgiving, the city shuts down the streets surrounding the retail core and pack Westlake Center full of about 8-10,000 people. There are choirs singing carols, everyone is in a generally good mood, and the city forgets its extreme political correctness for about 45 minutes and just enjoys Christmas.

This year did not fail us! We joined Kristian & Quince this year for the trip on a perfectly clear and cold night. After the star lighting, we dined at Palace Kitchen, one of my top 5 places to eat in the city. So tasty!

We’re now officially ready to kick off Christmas, we can’t wait to get some quality (much needed) family time in. We’ll be there sooooooooon!

(all photography compliments of my sweet husband)

The lights and people in Westlake Center

Lights and people in Westlake Center

Self photos never turn out well. We liked this one, it’s kind of funky! Scott, Kim, Kristian, and Quince:

Friends Self Photo

Macy’s star and the carousel. I so want to ride the carousel. Maybe tonight?

Carousel and Star

Two goofballs.

Cute Couple

During the actual star lighting, there is a big fireworks show while Christmas Carols play over loud speakers. Yes, I cry. Every.single.time. Fireworks still make me cry mom, why?


I pray that all of you are having a blessed and happy Christmas season!




4 responses

1 12 2007

Wow Kim I’ve been understanding from the last few blogs you love it out there.

2 12 2007

I didn’t know you still cry at fireworks. I remember you crying at Disneyland because they scared you. Are you still scared or just your usual emotional self??

3 12 2007

That looks like such a fun night! I wish SA had more fun nights like that.

3 12 2007

WOW those are beautiful pictures!!! thank you for helping along with the holiday spirit!!

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