Sunday…er…Tuesday Blues

1 01 2008

Well, my long hiatus is over. The real world of 2008 is staring us down and I feel a little blue. We had an amazing 10-day trip to Texas for Christmas. We got to see my family, Scott’s family, and many friends. Our new gym opened today (apropos, no?) we’ll have to run for a week to work off one of the few dozen Delicious Tamales we consumed while we were there.

I am amazed at how much all the kids have grown and feel blessed that I witnessed a few “firsts” (I bet Abigail is perfecting her clap as I type). Abby, Maddie, & Ryan will certainly be walking by the time we get back down and Jack Walker will probably running full speed. Christian is growing into a very smart young man, it’s fun to listen to him talk.

I have many pictures and fun stories to tell from December – I will be updating over the next few days as I get back into the groove of life.

Happy 2008 to each of you, I hope you had your fill of black-eyed peas to bring good fortune for the upcoming year.




4 responses

2 01 2008

I miss you, Aunt Kim. Thanks for my cool socks and push toy… come see me again soon! Love, Abby

2 01 2008

Oh my! Abby, you are so advanced. Eight months old and reading blogs? Love you so much, sweet girl.

2 01 2008

Abby’s grandma misses you too! I still laugh at my “pear in a partridge tree”. Thank you Scott!!!

4 01 2008

I know nothing of this pear in a partridge tree. And I don’t laugh every time I see a pear now.

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