December Redux: Part 2

3 01 2008

Floore Country StoreBeer Bustin Good Time!

Well, we made it down to Texas and decided to go out with some of my childhood friends for a “Beer Bust’n Good Time” at Floore’s Country Store. We certainly had a good time, not sure about the “beer bust’n” part, but it sounded cute and I had to reference the above snapped picture.

We (Brooke, Jack, Jess, Rod, Jenny & Michael) met up for dinner at Scenic Loop Cafe, where Scott indulged in a chicken fried steak the size of his head. Hard to find authentic CFS with cream gravy up here. 🙂

Scenic Loop Cafe

We then headed to Floore’s to see Roger Creager– true Texas Country. What I couldn’t get over is the trip down memory lane I took. In highschool and college, I saw Willie Nelson and Robert Earl Keen over at Floore’s so many times, I lost count. Scott and I got out on the dance floor a few times – he’s a good dancer! The highlight of the evening was Michael retiring his boots (I believe he’d had them since age 13?).

Where to Hang the BootsMaybe Here!Officially Retired

Second to the boot retiring was the “beer bust’n fight” we saw. For some reason it was hilarious to the girls, who got closer to watch. The walls are covered in painted signs that say “$100 fine for fighting.” (I genuinely thought they were a kitchy decoration when I saw them). With my mad camera skills, I caught a picture…you can even see where his sparring opponent (which was a girl, by the way) tore his shirt…awesome!

$100 Fine for Fightin’

We had an awesome time, thanks for arranging a good ole Texas night, Jess!

GirlsJenny & JessLone Star Light




4 responses

3 01 2008

Fun pictures! The hardest arrangement was getting the bar fight together…yet, it was my favorite accomplishment.

3 01 2008

ahhhh what’s that you say about arranging the fight. Loved the pictures. Looks like it was a fun evening. did you ask the parents?

4 01 2008

You know, I had a sneaking feeling while we were out that the birthday club was having an emergency meeting of sorts. Don’t worry pam, there were parents (ehem….Rod, Jess, Jack, Brooke) at the party monitoring the situation to ensure it didn’t get out of control.

5 01 2008

Now that’s a scary thing. Yes I must remember that you are parents—soon to understand our behavior when you were younger.

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