In Shape in 2008

11 01 2008

I joined a new gym this year and have been very good about my workouts so far! My favorite time of the day to go is during the Ellen show, it keeps me laughing and makes me forget the pain I’m in. As she was getting through her favorite online videos today, I realized I was not in nearly as much pain as possible. Good stuff comes from that show!



3 responses

13 01 2008
Pam May

That was pretty funny. I was looking at the video first and then read it so I thought it was you at first. haha. Only me. I do thing backwards.

13 01 2008

Don’t feel bad, Pam. I even called Joe over to watch what I thought was going to be a video of Kim at the gym.

13 01 2008

I might not be extremely coordinated in my old age, but I’m certainly not posting videos of myself falling over on YouTube. 😀

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