L-Pod Come Back!!

29 01 2008

Squeeeeeee! My blog namesake has been spotted in California. I guess they were fed up with the weather in Western Washington. The L pod (resident Puget Sound killer whales) was spotted feeding in California this week. The real reason is likely due to our Washington feeding areas being low on salmon 😦 I could direct them to the place just a couple of miles from here where we watched the salmon run, but somehow I don’t think that will be fresh or hearty enough for them.

I hope this is a freak shortage of salmon and not a sign of things to come for our beautiful Washington waters. What will I do if I can’t go see my guys next summer in the San Juan Islands?

A lovely picture from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:




3 responses

14 02 2008

Are those silly whales done vacationing yet?

15 02 2008

is kim done vacation yet? get with it.
i am bored. need an update. dont you have super bowl pictures or something? all that yummy food you cooked …. no pictures?

16 02 2008
Courtney G

Love this pic! And the post below. I hope your “guys” come back to you! You are the perfect person to live where you do! 🙂

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