Sunday Supper: Vij’s

2 03 2008

On our way home from Whistler, we decided to make a stop in Vancouver for dinner. Some friends of ours have suggested on more than one occasion that we stop in the South Granville neighborhood at an Indian fusion restaurant called Vij’s.

We got to Vancouver a few hours before they opened, so we wandered through Robson street (unfortunately no shopping was done, the US $ is weaker than the Loonie and those credit card companies charge exorbitant fees to process a foreign currency transaction – it no longer makes sense to go on a shopping spree) and then through South Granville.

We showed up at the restaurant at 5:20 to a long line out front. We thought we’d be waiting for an hour for a table, but this restaurant is so efficient that we were seated immediately, served with warm chai and a few samples of potato nibbles. Yum!

Team service is very interesting. Each person in the restaurant has one job and they focus on that one task, so your water is never empty, your food is promptly delivered, the whole process is extremely efficient! The food is amazing. Our selections:

Lamb, beef, and paneer (paneer is a cheese) samosas over lime and coconut chutney
Paneer and brussel sprouts in a yogurt curry sauce
Lamb lollipops in a fenu greek yogurt curry
Chicken breast in a red bell pepper curry

We brought home leftovers and an extra order of the samosas to savor for lunch this week. Thanks for the restaurant recommendation, friends…so delicious!




One response

3 03 2008

excuse me, what?
did you say burger and fries.
oh ok…..that sounds like an epic meal!

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