O Canada!

3 03 2008

 Kim and Scott at Whistler

We try to get up to Canada a few times a year, at least one of those trips being to Whistler (site of the 2010 Winter Olympics). We headed up on Friday afternoon for a quick trip of skiing, apres ski, fine dining, hot tubbing in freezing temperatures, and a lot of driving!

When we checked in to our hotel on Friday evening, the desk clerk was going on and on  about (cue your best British accent) the “brilliant powder” and the “epic season.” All weekend we tried to use the word brilliant when describing things. I think it’s my new favorite word.

The powder atop Blackcomb mountain was, in fact, BRILLIANT! What great snow. We had a wonderful trip and certainly didn’t want to come home so soon. We might have to squeeze in one more trip before the snow melts and mountain biking takes over the mountains.

Brilliant Powder!

Brilliant Powder

Shooshing down the hill (that’s Scott):


Taking a break, stream side (mom, you can see that I still have my pigtails flapping in the wind, but I’m not nearly as fearless as that little 8 year old with a tulip on her jacket):

Nice Stream

Little kiddos helping each other off the lift. So little!!!

Little ones

A nice village stroll before dinner at Umberto’s Il Caminetto (oh my, so delicious):

Village Stroll




5 responses

3 03 2008

That looks right up our alley. wish we were there with you!

3 03 2008

truly brilliant!

3 03 2008

by all means—— a Brilliant weekend as well as a brilliant snow and mountian view.
You are so gourmet after living there. That is very impressive. How are your ch. chip cookie skills? Brilliant I’m sure.

6 03 2008

I think Martha, Mom and myself should fly up to Seattle for a little mommy-daughter time.

15 03 2008

Name the date Jess!

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