Chocolate Chip Cookie Recall

4 03 2008

Ok, I’ve been informed by Pam first and now my sister that the cookie recipe I provided might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Example A:

Saddest Pictures Ever

So….bake at your own risk, but click the link above just in case you want to see how pretty mine were 🙂




7 responses

4 03 2008

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! i cannot believe you posted my ugly cookies!!! ha! funny. i will email you a pic of my pretty valentine cookies! that is funny. i couldnt believe it when i opened your blog tonight.

4 03 2008

they tasted good! we ate all of them. (well, half of the dough is in the freezer. i will let you know how the frozen dough bakes. 🙂

5 03 2008

Melissa, you were BUSTED!!!!! hahahaa!!! It’s best to just follow my mom’s recipe.

9 03 2008

OK so the pressure is on. I must find a nice plate to display the cookies. O you girls are bad. Melissa my cookies have looked like that a few times. Probably you got interupted when measuring the flour. But it’s all about the dough, right?

14 03 2008
Pam May

OK I did it, I made ch. chip cookies just to show you. Check out my blog. Just for you Kruger girls. Wish you could taste them. How about a ch. chip cook off when you come?

15 03 2008

Sounds like the challenge is on!!! Cookie cook off in May!!!

15 03 2008

Be there.
Bring your best.
It’s a bake-off.

Bring it Pam. Bring it.

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