Easter Sunday Shenanigans

23 03 2008

Easter Sunday was a cold and rainy one to start, thank goodness we got some yard work done on Saturday! We got up, had some brunch, and planned to go play downtown and at Seattle Center. Well, it was reeeeeeeeeally rainy, so we went to Blockbuster, picked up a movie and came home, lit a fire and snuggled up to watch movies. We watched Into the Wild, I cried, as expected, and we’ve both been kind of mellow all day because of it. I recommend seeing it, but it’s not a light movie. By the end of the movie a big wind storm came in and blew out the rain.

We decided to go out to fix Scott’s geocaches as originally planned in the day, so we ventured out into the windstorm downtown and in Seattle Center. Some pics from the day…

Columbia Tower…Scott climbed *all stairs* up this tower last weekend in The Big Climb for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (76 stories):

Columbia Tower

This is me, getting blown over by the wind. My favorite building, Smith Tower, in the background:

Blowin in the wind

The view from Scott’s favorite bench in the city:

International Fountain

And, hip hip HOORAY! Spring has sprung!! Beautiful spring bulbs are flowering all over the city:

Spring FlowersSpring

Lastly, two dorks trying to self photo at a park. My sweet hubby blocked the sun from my eyes so I could look at the camera….needless to say, not the best picture we’ve ever taken. PS – have you guys noticed his beautiful teeth??? I’m trying to find some before and after photos to share, it’s so amazing!

Kinnear Park




7 responses

24 03 2008

Scott….amazing!!!! did you get to take an elevator down??? The scenery, the teeth, and you two are my favs! I miss you guys. HAPPY EASTER!

24 03 2008

Beautiful pictures–nothing like the flowers in Seattle, that’s for sure. Glad you guys had a good Easter. We missed you here! Billy & Nathan cheated in the Easter egg hunt!!

27 03 2008

I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!! I need to come visit this blog more often … it’s fantastic! You guys are too cute. =) Love you both!!!!

28 03 2008

Wow you two sure know how to live. You’re days and evenings are full of such fun things. Loved the pictures. Looking forward to seeing you soon I hope.

30 03 2008

I can’t get over the CLIMB! Holy Moly……GOOD JOB!

Love the pic of you blowing in the wind:)

such neat buildings…..what a cool town:)

3 04 2008

Thanks! It really wasn’t too difficult. They just dangled a steak in front of me and I kept climbing so I could get to it. Before I knew it, I was 76 stories up!

22 04 2008

OMG! Scott, you climbed 76 stories? The steak joke cracked me up! 🙂 And your teeth? They are beautiful! And Kim you look so cute in the pics. Miss you guys alot!

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