It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like … April?

18 04 2008

WHAT? For the record, it was 81 and PERFECT on Saturday. Uh, it’s snowing. Coming down hard. And supposed to freeze tonight. Hi, spring, could you please come back? Kthxbai.

See my pretty primroses? And my geraniums that I planted last week in preparation for a long summer? Yeah. They’ll freeze tonight. Saddest April 18 ever. Ooh, that reminds me…today is Casey’s bday. Happy birthday CASEY (even though you don’t read blogs).

Snow in April. SNOW!

A little nonsense now and then is good for the soul…

17 04 2008

Jake\'s Place

You wonder why I keep posting things with these type titles? Well, most of you know, but my sister & brother in law opened a new (beautiful) store down on the river walk in San Antonio. I am so very excited for them and cannot wait to see the shoppe!

The store is called Jake’s Place, a Life is good “Genuine Neighborhood Shoppe.” It’s in the most perfect little spot down on the river walk and loaded with casual wear, t-shirts, work-out clothes, and fun toys (Frisbee anyone?) for all ages and a few species. They opened the shoppe just in time for the Final Four in San Antonio, and had a great time watching all of the Kansas and Memphis fans cruise around the area. (funny: ask Martha what color blue Kansas fans wear and what color blue Memphis fans wear).

Some photos from their opening weekend are below. I can’t wait to go see the shoppe, I’ll be sure to post some updated photos when we get down there. Be sure to stop by if you’re in the neighborhood!

A little view into the store, it looks great! I like the jeep coming out of the wall in the top of the picture:

The Goods!

It looks like everyone is anxiously watching that first transaction happening! YAY! Officially open!

The First Transaction!

This woman certainly knows how to fold t-shirts (you guys are lucky she’s not trying to iron them too). She’s such a generous woman, always giving and helping out:

Fantastic Helper at the Shoppe

The best looking model of Life is Good products for sure! (yea, the one in pink, not the scruffy boys):

Best Little Model

Sunday Supper: Porter Ice Cream

6 04 2008

Yeah, not so healthy, but hey!

We left on an adventure early this afternoon to see if we could drive the farm roads outside Seattle and find a good smoker. We found many great farms that sell produce to the public, rose farms, tulip farms, and a great antique district…oh and Red Hook Brewery.

We didn’t find a smoker and on our last attempt, came across the area’s Red Hook Brewery (shares the grounds with Willows Lodge, Barking Frog, and The Legendary Herb Farm). We decided to stop since Scott had never been. We shared a cheese plate, shared a Copper Hook (the spring seasonal) and Scott had a Porter Ice Cream Float. Oh my! Never seen anything like it, but he loved it for sure. Here’s a (cell phone) pic:

Red Hook Black Hook Porter Ice Cream Float

Ode to my Inbox

4 04 2008

Oh, dear Outlook
Why don’t you stop?
You fill up and keep pushing
Until I just want to drop.

Please, I beg of you,
To open and and reply
To all of these emails
Trying to suck me dry.

Oh Outlook, dear inbox
I’ll love you forever
If you’d just respond
With answers so clever!

copyright: lpod publishing
Outlook is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation

Life is Good.

3 04 2008

Life is Good