It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like … April?

18 04 2008

WHAT? For the record, it was 81 and PERFECT on Saturday. Uh, it’s snowing. Coming down hard. And supposed to freeze tonight. Hi, spring, could you please come back? Kthxbai.

See my pretty primroses? And my geraniums that I planted last week in preparation for a long summer? Yeah. They’ll freeze tonight. Saddest April 18 ever. Ooh, that reminds me…today is Casey’s bday. Happy birthday CASEY (even though you don’t read blogs).

Snow in April. SNOW!




2 responses

21 04 2008

You could bring your plants inside when it gets cold–or cover them or something!!! They’re pretty, by the way. And, one last thing–it’s not snowing in Texas!!!

6 05 2008

It’s MAY

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