Sunday Supper: Serrano Cheeseburgers

18 05 2008

Summer has definitely hit Seattle (for the weekend)! It was in the 80s for the last three days, the house is nice and toasty, the lawn mowers are a-buzzing. We’ve been down with a nasty cold in this house, so we didn’t get to enjoy too much of the good weather. We started feeling more human today and did a bang up job enjoying the weather. Scott spent the whole day outside dealing with the jungle that has become our yard after 3 consecutive weekends away. I did a deep clean of the house.

We rewarded ourselves with a dinner on the grill tonight. Scott chopped up two serrano peppers and mixed it with the hamburger meat and grilled ’em up. We also had some grilled white corn, YUM! I baked some thin slices of red potato seasoned with a bit of olive oil, cayenne pepper, garlic salt, and thyme (oops and a little hot curry powder slipped in there). Alaskan Summer Ale has hit the shelves, so we had one of those too. Great Sunday night dinner. Hope all of you are ready for the upcoming week!




One response

21 05 2008
courtney g

Looks beautiful and amzingly yummy! Your blog always makes me hungry! 🙂 AND, I tagged you in a little blog game so go to my blog and play along! 🙂

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