And I Officially Pronounce it…Summer!

25 05 2008

We got our veggie garden together yesterday! Scott spent quite a bit of time over the last few months building a raised bed for our herb and veggie garden. Yesterday we finally filled it with dirt and delicious dinners to be.

1 1/5 cubic yards of dirt/compost mix.

Planting! As you can tell, it’s late afternoon as the bed is moving into the shade. It is the sunniest part of our back yard though, from about 6am until 5pm it has sun.

All done! 3 tomatoes, 1 brussel sprout, 2 beets, bibb lettuce (we’ll progressively plant that so we can harvest thru the summer), cilantro, scotch bonnets, serrano peppers, jalapeno peppers, and 3 basil plants!

I’m interested to see how the hot peppers fare, it may not be warm enough in Seattle to make that happen, but it’s totally worth the try!




6 responses

26 05 2008

you guys amaze me!!! I’m supposed to be up there in october. maybe I’ll get a try of your garden.

26 05 2008

I’m sorry Jess, what did you say? We’ll be seeing you in October?? That’s fantastic news!!

26 05 2008

have a conference then!!!!

26 05 2008

I’m almost afraid to ask what scotch bonnets are!

29 05 2008

I’ve got to show Chesley this.

4 06 2008

I officially pronounce it…Spring again! 59 degrees in the house and torrential rain? According to “Martha’s Law”, you cursed the northwest with a return to rain.

Martha – (aka, inventor of “Martha’s Law”) – A scotch bonnet = habanero pepper. You’ve had some at your house when I first met you guys!

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