God dag fra Oslo

27 05 2008

Hello everyone! After one really long flight, a few delays, and one missed connection I am in Oslo, Norway! I’m a tad discombobulated, but have been able to spend a few hours in central Oslo, trying to understand the culture (and that painfully non-Latin based language).

My flight out of Seattle was 2 hours delayed and I had a 50 minute connection to make in Copenhagen, Denmark. You sort of lose all sense of time, day of the week, language, medicine when on a trans-atlantic flight…especially in the summer months. It was light outside (and breathtaking) the entire trip to Europe, as we come close to going over the North Pole to get here from Seattle.

Upon my arrival in Copenhagen, there was no one to talk to! What do I do? I missed my connection. So….I wandered through a security checkpoint (re-consolidating your 3oz in 1qt bag or 100ml in a 1L bag liquids after a 10 hour flight is a PAIN)! Fortunately after passport control (yay for a Denmark stamp on the passport), I passed through another security checkpoint and found a SAS counter where I could get a boarding pass for my flight that apparently left in 25 minutes(!). I ran through the airport, found my gate and made my way to Oslo, without much trouble, though I *thought* for two seconds that I wanted to stop and shop at all of the beautiful glassware stores. Sigh, maybe on the way back.

Oslo was easy. The “Flytoget” is a high speed train from the airport to Central Oslo. Piece of cake. Finding the subway after? A little more challenging. After a few walk-throughs of the central train station I found the underground subway. And quickly proceeded to get on the wrong train. 😀 I didn’t go too far out of my way, but it was enough. Fortunately, Norway is significantly north and the sun is STILL not down as I type (it’s 10:40pm local time). I had time to get back to Central Oslo for dinner and a teeeeney amount of sight seeing. Some interesting pictures from just around the National Theatret below…

 Tulips, a fountain, and cute kid statues in the pool.

 Several statues of actors along a beautifully designed pansy garden. In the far background you can see where I had dinner (just near the gazebo).

A really great fountain. Sigh, I miss my photographer and his camera.

A neat little walkway. The weather is PERFECT for an evening stroll. It was about 75° and no clouds today.

More to come tomorrow!




3 responses

27 05 2008

It looks gorgeous. I can’t believe you have the energy to post after the trip you had!

28 05 2008

It does look gorgeous. I can’t believe you do that all on your own! Are we old enough to do that yet?!?! BE CAREFUL!!! love you.

28 05 2008

I’m so impressed. Our baby is a month old and we still haven’t figured out a photo website for her yet and here you are blogging after the crazy travel you just had. Don’t let this be our typical type of business trip… get out and enjoy!

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