Norwegian Tidbits

28 05 2008

1. In every hallway in most hotels, there is a shoeshine. You know, the machine you turn on to buff your shoes. Too bad I only have tennies and suede wedges. I’d so shine my shoes while waiting for the lift.

2. The food is really good. Lots of fish, prepared in a zillion ways, and I even had crawfish for lunch today. It was absolutely delicious! Oh. And does it get better than a giant spread of cheese with every meal?

3. The “green” roofs everywhere. Many people up in the mountains plant grass on their roofs. This technique, if done correctly, will not rot the roof and helps to insulate the home. It looks nice too! They must go up to the roof once a year to pull the tree sprouts though, because if they take root, you could have a tree in your bedroom, bathroom, or even your living room ceiling!

4. The funny paintings they have on the stall doors in restrooms. I got one with my cell phone tonight, I hope to transfer it and share when I get back to the states.

5. As we near the $5 mark for a gallon of gas, remember that it could be worse. It is near $9 per gallon at the station up the street (where it cost me $12US to get a 1.5L bottle of water and some Haribo sour peach candy…yeah, I’m a total Haribo addict).

6. The people are so gracious. I’ve really enjoyed talking with many of them (yes, they have to speak English, though I’ve picked up a few Norwegian phrases). Their passion for life is exciting. Many of them ride their bikes to work (some up to 30 miles round trip). On the subway tonight, there were four guys who loaded up their mountain bikes and got up to the top of the mountain. They rode down these amazing trails. Everyone takes advantage of the long daylight hours (reminiscent of our Alaskan buddies) and pushes life to the max during the summer.

Here is a picture of some hang-gliders from my hotel window (the little specks above the mountain)




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