Jeg har hatt det veldig hyggelig

30 05 2008

(I have enjoyed myself very much)

One final post before I leave town. I hope to return someday relatively soon, where I can do some proper sight-seeing, share the experience with someone, and get out to the fjords for an adventure or two.

Last night, I wandered through the Palace Park after dinner. It’s a beautiful park just outside the Royal Palace (the king was in residence while I was here, but I did not run into him anywhere 🙂 ). The park is so beautiful, with many gardens, statues, ponds, and fountains. I spent quite a bit of time enjoying the weather and taking in the beautiful spring flowers.

The below is the view from the Royal Palace back along the walkway. It’s hard to tell (I am no photographer), but the walk is lined with hundreds of lilac bushes. Oh, the smell is so wonderful!

This is the Royal Palace. The drive is a thick gravel. I expected lush gardens, but it’s this huge gravel drive. This is all right in the city center, a few hundred feet from the National Theatre where my first night’s pictures were taken.

My personal favorite of the statues in the Palace Park. She doesn’t look much like my Martha, but it still made me smile.

This morning I woke up really early to catch a few more sights in town. I liked this plaza-turned-into-a-plant-market. They had huge trucks of geraniums, herbs, peonies, hydrangeas, evergreen trees, and on and on that they were unloading to sell in the city center for the day.

I ventured next to the Opera House. The sloped roof is all marble and you can walk up the roof to get a little higher and see a broader view of Oslo.

This is a fortress you can see from many places in the city, this view is from the Opera House. I wish I had time to go up there and see some of the history.

Another direction out from the roof to a peninsula. There are rock islands covered with beautiful green trees everywhere. I couldn’t find a spot to get high enough and take a picture. It reminds me a bit of the San Juan Islands.

A group of people practicing Tai Chi in the warm sunshine on top of the Opera House roof before heading into work for the day. That’s a nice way to break up the commute!

I laugh, it seems everywhere I travel I run into an E&Y building. S and I always get a giggle out of it. I think it might be a quick humbling reminder as to how I’m able to travel to these wonderful places.

I had to do some extreme zooming and cropping for you to see this. But I made a fatal error on the 2nd night of my trip and didn’t have my camera when I went up into the mountains. I’m hoping a colleague will send his photos soon. This picture below is of a ski jump that is about 20 miles from where I was standing when I took this picture. I have a cheesy little camera with minimal zooming skills, this is not a small ski jump. It was so steep! If I get the pictures of the mountains I will certainly share, the views of the city were amazing!

And…chips. Where are my royalties? 

Adjø, Oslo. På gjensyn.




4 responses

30 05 2008

All of those places seem fake to me. They’re all beautiful! I love how you make the most out of all your travels. I would have stayed in the hotel room b/c I would have been afraid to have been kidnapped.

30 05 2008

I just happened to be talking to Kim on our cell phones when she happened upon the “martha” statue. It is so me, don’t you think? Prim and proper!!!

31 05 2008

I’m still laughing at “it’s not my Martha”. hahaha.

11 06 2008

So you got a martha statue and Kim chips. You just have such a fun inner self. You must see things and start laughing then snap or click, photo, kodac moment and blog material. you are clever. I’ll have to remember some of your ideas.
Still one of my favorite blogs.
ditto on the jess comment “it’s not my Martha”. Your Martha is called Mom and she’s the best.

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