It’s Junuary!

9 06 2008

Yeah. Record lows. Snow in the mountains. Wind storms.

Sad tomato plants. Habanero plants saying where did you bring me?

Cold toes. Furnace firing up. Heated floors nice and toasty.

June in Seattle. Come oooooooon July!




7 responses

10 06 2008

Move back to Texas–high 90’s everyday with 100% humidity!! Stop your complaining, girl!!! At least you can breathe when you step outside!!! Love you!!

11 06 2008

it’s jungust here.

11 06 2008

oh yeah. and something stole all but one of my tomatoes last night. jerks…all those stupid yard criminals. i even put the tomato plant right up next to our sliding glass door.

11 06 2008

Austin is so full of crime. I don’t now how you live there.
“There’s no crime in College Station.”

Jungust. I like that term too.

11 06 2008

Ditto your moms comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 06 2008

I’m over Junuary.

28 06 2008

Take Jessica’s very subtle hint and UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!!

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