Oh, Junuary Ended in Case I Forgot to Mention It…

30 06 2008

Summer is in full swing, our cold snap ended, happy plants. I thought I’d share some pics of our “black-thumb-turned-semi-green” yard.

I had a bunch of leftover geranium start favors from a baby shower in April, so I planted them in a hanging basket. I’ve been patiently waiting for them to “pop.” I think they are getting there!

Also, we planted some hydrangeas last fall when my parents were here. Check them out! This is the first batch of blooms. I expect we’ll have a full set soon (though they might be a little sunburned after this weekend’s heat).

Mom, these are the ones along the front of the house:

This one was in that front bare corner where the Juniper once was:




3 responses

30 06 2008
courtney g

look at your plants…amazing! So pretty. You live in SUCH a beautiful part of this world!

30 06 2008

They’re beautiful, Kim. It’s fun to see how quickly they’ve grown! You’ve turned me into a lover of hydrangeas!!

1 07 2008

i dont like you very much.
you can keep your pretty flowers to yourself.
why do all my posts always contain such much anger?
can i be your live in gardener?

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