Independence Day…In Canada!

16 07 2008

First off, my apolgies for the format, wordpress and I are on the outs again 🙂

Well, I’m really behind in blogging, aren’t I? We’ve had a whirlwind last few weeks of camping, celebrating Independence Day with some good friends and heading back down to Big D for a Big W!

For the 4th this year, our friends Liz & Myron invited us to a very special family cabin just barely north of the Washington border. We had such a great time, and Liz’s family is so very kind and are such gracious hosts!

We left on Wednesday after work in a crazy thunderstorm (hail and all). We drove all the way to far NE WA that night, but not without a few stops. We introduced M&L to Sonic Drive In (the only one in the state is in Spokane). We shared some cheesey tots and each got a cherry lime slush. I felt like I was back in high school!

We stayed the night in Liz’s childhood home and got up the next day to work remotely and then head on to Christina Lake. You have to boat around to the cabin as there are no roads to get there. I think there were two happy campers (below) on that boat ride!

Myron & Liz

The view off the back of the boat, we were just trying to take it all in.
Almost immediately after we unloaded the boat, Myron wanted to try out his new wakeboard.
I was really interested in soaking in the views. These are the views standing on the dock looking north and south. It’s hard to believe places like this still exist. Thank God they do!

Liz’s folks took a canoe ride our first full day. They went to visit some neighbors just down the shoreline.
After a really rough day of eating delicious home made food, reading, watching a thunderstorm roll through, and some more eating, we took a “cocktail cruise.” This is a nightly event when at the cabin. You grab a beer, some yummy snacks, and drive slow around the shoreline to check out all the cabins. As you can see Scott was our driver on night #1, and we ladies were hecklers in the back.
For a short while, we thought this giant german shepard swimming toward us (we were all the way out in the middle of the lake) was a baby moose. As he got closer, we realized he was just a giant pup. We led him to shore, but I think he wanted to cruise with us.


 Once we got back it was time to… have more food! The men gathered around the fire to grill some delicious steaks. The night was spent playing fun games around a fire.



Liz the wonder-skier managed to get out after some more rainshowers on day 2. I think Diesel (the fabulous dog that could knock small children over with his tail) wanted to go with her!


The crew (minus one happy reader) went for a hike to Treadmill Falls one afternoon. It was a great hike, the leader of the bunch made a typically 30 minute hike last about 15 minutes. Whew, I was exhausted!

I think Liz was about to fall, isn’t that great camera work on my part? (kidding, it was an easy log walk across a creek)


The falls and the crew that made the trek

What would a road trip be without Scott’s shenanigans and fast food? Well, a boring one, that’s for sure. I saw a sign for Beefalo and said it out loud. Next thing we knew, we were all eating a beefalo burger and reading about it’s beneficial qualities. Apparently there is a hybrid animal that is a cross between a bison and a cow. Hmmm. Please don’t ever make me watch that!

beefalo city

Thank you so much to Liz, Myron & family for the great trip, we see why it is such a special place for your family…we are honored you shared it (and gave us the Love Shack to boot).




3 responses

17 07 2008

Wow! What a beautiful place!!!! Reminds me of Hope. 😦
You know, you and Scott really ought to get out and do more. You two really lead a boring life!!!

18 07 2008

No doubt!!! I love reading your blogs, and just pretending I’m doing all these things with y’all.

I still get so mad at Baylor for them not letting us go to Lake Placcid (or, whatever lake it was) with you and your fam.

19 07 2008

In my next life, I think I want to be Diesel!

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