Two Years…

22 07 2008

It seems a lot has happened in the last two years. Two years ago today, Scott & I stood and said ‘I do.’ What a fun two years it has been! Happy anniversary, love!




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22 07 2008

WOW! I was just thinking about you and came to visit the L-Pod. Seeing us took my breath away (again!)

I think at this point in the day two years ago, I was walking downhill to the boat in my tuxedo with butterflies in my stomach. That was such an incredible day, and it was just the beginning…

22 07 2008
jessica tootle

Kim, I remember every detail of your wedding day! It was one of my most favorite. Love you guys to pieces and everything about your marriage. Y’all have such a fun time together. So great!

23 07 2008

OHHH how great. I of course missed it, in Ohio probably. Very upset about that. So these pictures were a fun blog to open today. You look beautiful and thanks for sharing.

23 07 2008

Happy Anniversary, Kim and Scott! Seeing the pictures of your wedding brought back beautiful and very fun memories! Love you both lots!!!

23 07 2008

Happy Anniversary, Kim and Scott! That was a fun wedding… it was the best wedding I have been to… for a Daughter named KIM…!! There has been lots of fun times in Seattle the last 2 years…thanks to you guys. LUV you both.

24 07 2008

Seeing these photos took my breath away too… they are stunning! That week in Seattle was one of my favorite memories ever… I enjoyed meeting your friends, seeing your favorite places, watching you & Scott have fun together…and the wedding was the most beautiful one I’ve been to. Happy Anniversary to one of the most fun-loving, adventurous, goofy, generous couples I know! Love you both.

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