Free: One tomato on giant plant available for Rabid Raccoon

23 07 2008

Finally! We have some fruit. The next trick is making sure the 30 pound raccoons cruising our yard for food and shelter don’t eat them.




4 responses

23 07 2008

O Good luck!!! Maybe a scarecrow would work.

23 07 2008

There’s nothing like a home-grown tomato. Remember Georgia and her tomato and miracle whip sandwiches?

23 07 2008

I love Georgia with all my heart, but I cannot approve of miracle whip on sandwiches. You two are peas in a pod with that nasty “dressing” stuff.

Give me real mayo and a tomato (bacon and lettuce if you must) any day.

Sigh, I do miss Georgia, though.

24 07 2008

kim, my tomatoes have been eaten over and over. right now though…i have a few getting big and i have tons of flowers. i need to go buy some netting or something to keep the deer or birds or squirrels…..whatever it is out!!!
kelty is NOT doing her job!
can i come visit you and eat a blt? hold the mayo please.

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