Aaaargh…Seafair is here, matey!

24 07 2008

Last year we were away for our neighborhood’s annual Seafair festivities, we were delighted to be able to attend this year.

Seafair is an annual, month long festival with events all over Seattle each year. Everyone gets in the spirit, there are even some great traditions that come with the festivals. We’ve been to the Torchlight Parade, gasped at the daring moves of the Blue Angels, saluted our troops as they bring the Naval Fleet into Elliott Bay, but we had not experienced the joys of the Greenwood Seafair Parade. Granted, it’s not as flashy and doesn’t carry the same “Seattle Marine Clout” as those previously mentioned, but it’s pretty cool to have a big parade come to your neighborhood (literally a couple blocks from our house!).

There were tons of kids on unicycles to kick off the parade. Here were the two on the tallest ones, I’m glad no one fell.

Did you know police officers ride Harleys? I had no idea until last night. They did some cool formation driving that were impossible to capture with my slow camera.

Ah, I have never been good at the self photo.

What an awesome dog!! He’s harnessed and carrying a wagon of stuffed animals. I was so excited that I forgot to even see what they represented.

Such good irony. The ugly pink truck with toes is a towing company in Seattle. The tow truck BROKE DOWN in the middle of the parade so they had to push it down the street to the next intersection. Good stuff. They were “in a jam.”

This one is hard to see, but it is a salmon and a storm drain. Our neighborhood is right on a critical salmon creek so there are always big efforts to keep people aware of what is going in the storm drains to be on high alert for our tasty and environmentally important pink friends.

The Seafair Pirates. They are insane. They have some veeeeery interesting stories that are…uh, not appropriate to share…you can google, can’t you? This was their grand entrance to the parade. The guy walking ran up to kids and pretended to kill them with his sword. The little boys run around the parade with patches on their eyes and plastic swords screaming “aaaaaaaaargh” the whole evening 🙂

The pirate ship. They literally go around “pirating” boats during the next weekend’s events (Blue Angels, Hydro Races, Navy arrival, etc). They’re nuts.

This was just as the cannon shot off. I forget how loud it is. I was shaking for a few minutes after it and you can see I jumped in the picture, I didn’t realize the cannon was coming!!




3 responses

25 07 2008

“They were in a jam” hahahaa! Love it. fun post. thanks!

26 07 2008

i love parades! did anyone throw candy to the crowd?

28 07 2008

They did throw candy! I left it for the kids, should I have picked up some Swedish Fish for you? 🙂

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