San Juan Island

28 07 2008

We’ve made it an annual tradition to go up to the San Juan Islands for our anniversary…I love this tradition. 🙂 We just got back from another relaxing trip. We stayed on the west side of San Juan Island (the main of the 4 publicly serviced islands), about 2 miles from Lime Kiln Point State Park.

You can see our little guest house to the right of the big house. This was taken from the lighthouse – where we saw the whales last year! LPOD!

The view from our balcony of the Lime Kiln Lighthouse. Also a little closeup.


Some of the decor in our guest house. Hmmm. Wonder if anyone decorates with these pears around Christmas time….

Just a funny little comapny called downtown dogs. A shuttle comes to pick up these pups every day and takes them to school. The shuttle comes right through downtown and they all have their heads out the window checking out the tourists. We got several good laughs over that silly shuttle.

We didn’t see any Orcas this year (boo), but we did see many eagles, foxes, and this young buck made a stop by our place. This was taken from the kitchen window.

One afternoon we took a nice hike to a point above Lime Kiln. We were so high up, it was an amazing view. Look how little those kayakers look to me!


Back at the guest house, we saw a bunch of excitement over at the park, so we trekked out to the water’s edge to see if we could see the whales. No whales. They just wanted to be south the whole weekend. Sad 😦

Only my husband can have a genuine smile on the way home from vacation. I was sad and acting bratty on the ferry, he’s just taking it all in appreciating the relaxing weekend we just had.

I love beautiful sunsets. Sigh, we’ll be back again soon!




4 responses

29 07 2008

Maybe you could start celebrating other anniversaries that you and Scott have–like first date, first kiss, first fight (except you probably haven’t had one of those yet)–there are lots of anniversaries to celebrate! It’s so beautiful there! You’re blessed to live there!

So did your husband redecorate the cabin with the pears? He’s scarey with those things!

29 07 2008

First set of pear earrings, first pear pillow, first pear-in-a-kleenex-box… So much to celebrate!

Let’s just hope that the pears are still there, and not on the way to Texas.

29 07 2008

I will have to say Scott makes me laugh. My pears will never be the same again!

29 07 2008

I have to say that those of us who did not have an invitation to bunk at Hotel Kruger last Christmas have no idea what you guys are talking about… and have, instead, come up with our own speculations as to exactly what Mom is talking about when referring to “her pears” that will never be the same again…

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