Cleaning out the camera

26 08 2008

Had a fun few weeks at home and visiting with friends when I wasn’t watching the Olympics. Though I loved every minute of them, thank goodness they are over! Here are some of the things I’ve been doing…

Got to hang out with Jana & Ashif’s sweet girl. She wasn’t keen on sitting up to hang out, only wanted to lay like this. She’s a sweet snugglebug.

Watched a beautiful sunset over the Seattle skyline with the Olympic Mountains in the backdrop from J&A’s deck. They have one of the best views I’ve seen!


Went with the newlyweds – Cara & Clint – out for a cruise. We took the Elliott Bay Water Taxi (basically an extension of the metro king county bus system from West Seattle to downtown) to downtown for some dinner.

On the way there caught some lazy California Sea Lions. They come to the Puget Sound to fatten up on our salmon and then make their way back to California to try to become king of the beach. They are huge. Loud. And Mean.

Another fantastic sunset. Summer was in full swing a few weeks ago!!


Been looking for my laundry!! Can you imagine if you had dropped off your clothes here this morning? Nice organization skills there, cleaners! Cara & I were laughing so hard we had to stop for a picture.

Been patiently waiting for my tomatoes to ripen! Here is the first crop from my red cherry tomatoes. I’m still waiting for my other 3 plants to give me some fruit. We may be eating A LOT of fried green tomatoes around here if we don’t get that sunshine back soon!

Things that baffle me

22 08 2008
  1. Gymnastics judges who award medals to girls who fall on their knees and not to ones who take a teensey little step.
  2. Track athletes running around sweating on their nation’s flag.
  3. A (mic’d) coach who berates his athlete for winning a silver medal a mere 4 years after picking up the sport of pole vaulting.
  4. The female announcer for diving.
  5. How much time I’ve spent in front of the tv in the last two weeks.

Heat Wave!

15 08 2008

Seattle is having a heat wave! The temps are skyrocketing into the 90s this weekend. The house is following right along. These are the few days every year you feel like you could use a central AC unit. Heck, even a window unit would work right now.

Maybe this means my beautiful maters will ripen soon? A nice shot of a big cluster of my yellow pears (thanks to my neighbor, who has been watering them for me because I forgot about the lone plant on the side of the house).

Not a dry eye…

15 08 2008

That was well worth the wait in my land of live tv purgatory!! Just in case you folks are reading before you watch your commercial free TiVo’d version of last night’s olympics, I won’t spoil it. 🙂

Not a dry eye in our house… well, not a dry, open eye in the house. As usual, Scott sacked out after reading the spoiler on the Internet.


West Coast Living: Live Television Torture

14 08 2008

Set the stage: Thursday, August 14, 2008. The evening of the women’s olympic all-around. 9:23PM PDT.

Text message from mom: “Judges Suck!”
Response from me: “Nooooooooooooooo! Don’t tell me anything!!! What did they do?”
Response from mom: “Ull see” (pls note the use of teenage txting capabilities – where did she learn that?)

Seriously, this week has been like a modern form of convenience torture. The olympics. They are LIVE!!! On the east coast.

Why is it that I have to wait until 2am to see that the men performed poorly in gymnastics and are, in fact, not going to medal? Why is it that it is 9:23pm when my mom has seen the entire competition live for the ladies all-around, I’m still watching Beach Volleyball? (Don’t get me wrong, I love beach volleyball, it’s just a late start).

Adding insult to injury, Scott keeps opening his web browser which defaults to Guess what? They spoil the all of the important races, matches, meets, dives, whatnot. So he decides he is done and goes to bed before it even starts. Sigh.



Seven excuses why I’m so behind in blogging

12 08 2008

1) The Blue Angels came to town. WOW! I’m always blown away by their performances. The noise alone is breathtaking. I don’t have the Madison Park cottage on Lake Washington, so we went down to the site where the show is centered, but were too cheap to pay the $30 to go in. Same show, less people, less $$, We’ll take it!


2) We’ve been enjoying the absolutely stunning summer weather and spent time in the backyard grilling.

3) We took a road trip with some friends out to Sun Mountain Lodge for my company’s annual retreat. As we drove through millions of acres of apple, peach, plum, cherry and pear orchards, Scott had a childhood memory of stopping for fresh cherry cider on the side of the road. We made the stop for some fresh apple & cherry cider!

4) We visited with some friends and their beautiful new baby girl.

5) It’s an annual tradition to have karaoke at the retreat. Our indulgence in one song…how embarrassing, have you heard me sing??

6) Stopped at a fruit stand for fresh plums and peaches. I got 4 pounds of peaches and 2 pounds of yellow and purple plums for $3.25 each! Yeah. Straight to the source.

7) We watched beautiful sunsets (again that glorious summer weather). Scott says this is a “Bible” picture – the type of picture that belongs on the front of the book. Pretty stunning to have that a few hours from our front door. I’m thankful for where we live (click on the picture for a better view).