Seven excuses why I’m so behind in blogging

12 08 2008

1) The Blue Angels came to town. WOW! I’m always blown away by their performances. The noise alone is breathtaking. I don’t have the Madison Park cottage on Lake Washington, so we went down to the site where the show is centered, but were too cheap to pay the $30 to go in. Same show, less people, less $$, We’ll take it!


2) We’ve been enjoying the absolutely stunning summer weather and spent time in the backyard grilling.

3) We took a road trip with some friends out to Sun Mountain Lodge for my company’s annual retreat. As we drove through millions of acres of apple, peach, plum, cherry and pear orchards, Scott had a childhood memory of stopping for fresh cherry cider on the side of the road. We made the stop for some fresh apple & cherry cider!

4) We visited with some friends and their beautiful new baby girl.

5) It’s an annual tradition to have karaoke at the retreat. Our indulgence in one song…how embarrassing, have you heard me sing??

6) Stopped at a fruit stand for fresh plums and peaches. I got 4 pounds of peaches and 2 pounds of yellow and purple plums for $3.25 each! Yeah. Straight to the source.

7) We watched beautiful sunsets (again that glorious summer weather). Scott says this is a “Bible” picture – the type of picture that belongs on the front of the book. Pretty stunning to have that a few hours from our front door. I’m thankful for where we live (click on the picture for a better view).




2 responses

13 08 2008

So you think you can sing! Sure looks like it.

14 08 2008

Oh that last photo is stunning! I can feel the peacefulness, and I wish I were there! I noticed that you said to click on the sunset photo for a more detailed view… why didn’t you point that out about your karoake pic?! 🙂 Didn’t look like you had a huge audience… Looks like a great weekend. Great weather. I’m jealous (in a good way) & I am living vicariously, so keep up with your blog! Love you, Shar

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