Heat Wave!

15 08 2008

Seattle is having a heat wave! The temps are skyrocketing into the 90s this weekend. The house is following right along. These are the few days every year you feel like you could use a central AC unit. Heck, even a window unit would work right now.

Maybe this means my beautiful maters will ripen soon? A nice shot of a big cluster of my yellow pears (thanks to my neighbor, who has been watering them for me because I forgot about the lone plant on the side of the house).




3 responses

18 08 2008

It’s such a shame about your heat wave! Sob!!

22 08 2008

O.K. I’m tired of looking at your thermostate and show-offy tomatoes. Update please! How about some pictures of your precious husband?

22 08 2008

You do know I know how to spell thermostat, don’t you?

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