Not a dry eye…

15 08 2008

That was well worth the wait in my land of live tv purgatory!! Just in case you folks are reading before you watch your commercial free TiVo’d version of last night’s olympics, I won’t spoil it. 🙂

Not a dry eye in our house… well, not a dry, open eye in the house. As usual, Scott sacked out after reading the spoiler on the Internet.





2 responses

15 08 2008

hahaha!!! That’s hilarious! Rod too was asleep. He even woke up when they were on teh floor….AND WENT BACK TO SLEEP. GEEZ! I loved it. and, yes i teared up too. we should have been watching it together with our popcorn and diet cokes.

15 08 2008

You make really good fresh popped popcorn (none of that junk in the bag). I miss those days for sure.

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