Things that baffle me

22 08 2008
  1. Gymnastics judges who award medals to girls who fall on their knees and not to ones who take a teensey little step.
  2. Track athletes running around sweating on their nation’s flag.
  3. A (mic’d) coach who berates his athlete for winning a silver medal a mere 4 years after picking up the sport of pole vaulting.
  4. The female announcer for diving.
  5. How much time I’ve spent in front of the tv in the last two weeks.



4 responses

22 08 2008

But isn’t it so fun–and I bet your can hardly wait for the next Olympics!

24 08 2008

haha. Kim, i’m with you on 4 and 5. Rod and I couldn’t stand that judge on the diving board. she contradicted herself so many times.

24 08 2008


25 08 2008

Thanks for the recap of everything I missed this year… 🙂

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