Cleaning out the camera

26 08 2008

Had a fun few weeks at home and visiting with friends when I wasn’t watching the Olympics. Though I loved every minute of them, thank goodness they are over! Here are some of the things I’ve been doing…

Got to hang out with Jana & Ashif’s sweet girl. She wasn’t keen on sitting up to hang out, only wanted to lay like this. She’s a sweet snugglebug.

Watched a beautiful sunset over the Seattle skyline with the Olympic Mountains in the backdrop from J&A’s deck. They have one of the best views I’ve seen!


Went with the newlyweds – Cara & Clint – out for a cruise. We took the Elliott Bay Water Taxi (basically an extension of the metro king county bus system from West Seattle to downtown) to downtown for some dinner.

On the way there caught some lazy California Sea Lions. They come to the Puget Sound to fatten up on our salmon and then make their way back to California to try to become king of the beach. They are huge. Loud. And Mean.

Another fantastic sunset. Summer was in full swing a few weeks ago!!


Been looking for my laundry!! Can you imagine if you had dropped off your clothes here this morning? Nice organization skills there, cleaners! Cara & I were laughing so hard we had to stop for a picture.

Been patiently waiting for my tomatoes to ripen! Here is the first crop from my red cherry tomatoes. I’m still waiting for my other 3 plants to give me some fruit. We may be eating A LOT of fried green tomatoes around here if we don’t get that sunshine back soon!




8 responses

27 08 2008

Ha! That looks like my pile of laundry right now!–except mine are sorted into piles! Loved the sunset pictures!

28 08 2008

Wait now what’s the deal with the cleaners? what happened. They need to separate the whites from the darks. Don’t they know????
O gosh the sunset pictures are framable.

28 08 2008

your ‘maters look yummy. living vicariously as usual as I live a good life through your blog. 🙂

29 08 2008

Gorgeous!!! Wait, i forgot…did clint and cara move up there?

31 08 2008

One more thing…you look like a natural in that first pic. that’s right.

2 09 2008

haha. 🙂 yes, c&c moved up here after their wedding last month!

8 09 2008

Is your hair cut??? that first pic looks like you cut your hair.

8 09 2008

No, it’s halfway down my back right now! It’s really long 🙂 I just had it pulled back. Trying to get some pics up from the last two weekends!

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