Camping: Dungeness Spit

8 09 2008

Two weekends in a row? Camping? ME???

Yeah, we went two weekends in a row. We decided that our chances for getting back out this year were slim to none and the forecast called for two consecutive, perfect September days on a weekend. You really can’t pass that up.

This time we headed out to the Olympic Peninsula to a spot in between Port Angeles and Sequim called Dungeness Spit Recreation Area. Dungeness Spit is the country’s longest natural sand spit – out on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, facing Vancouver Island. “What is a spit?” you ask? Well, it’s really just a beach out in the middle of the water. This one extends 5.5 miles out, with a lighthouse at the very end. At it’s widest it is only 100 meters wide. This one in particular is home to over 200 species of birds, and has been deemed a National Wildlife Refuge.

Here is a view of the spit (you can kind of see it at the end of the bluff toward the top of the picture). This bluff is behind our campsite. It was fantastic to listen to the ocean while sleeping. On Saturday morning the fog was really heavy and you could hear the fog horn every few minutes.

We went with Cara & Clint this weekend. Here is a nice family photo!

Saturday afternoon we drove into Olympic National Park to have a picnic at Lake Crescent. This lake really never gets boring to me. It’s so stunning when you turn the corner on Hwy 101. It’s a glacier carved, crystal clear lake with mountains just popping right out of it. Best.picnic.ever.

We got back to the campsite in time to relax a little bit before starting dinner.  There was a beautiful sunset over the Strait. We all missed it, except Clint, who was walking the dogs right at the time the sun dropped into the ocean.

We had a fantastic dinner and then visited by the campfire to make smores and such. Sophia was so engrossed in watching the embers from the fire going into the sky.

Sunday morning we decided to hike out onto the spit. Here is a picture of a viewpoint before the 1/2 mile trail down to the beach. You can see how the spit curves around to the east.

Goofing around on the beach…

It was so clear we could see Mt. Baker in the distance. The lighthouse is just under the mountain.

We had an awesome weekend, once again!




4 responses

8 09 2008

Soooooo fun!!!!! We’ve got to get up there. Those pics will make Rod very jealous. 🙂

8 09 2008

Will you guys ever run out of incredibly beautiful spots to go camping? You seem to find a new one every time you go!

12 09 2008

Ok now I’ve seen the Lake Powell pictures and now these and wondering , WHY DO WE LIVE IN TEXAS???

14 09 2008

We need to do that…

We are getting our first cold front this next week… 59 degree low at night and 84 degree high for the day… + or _ … we just may have to get up early to go feel that 59 degrees… No hurricane here… just a puny light drizzle.

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