Camping: Wenatchee National Forest

8 09 2008

Braving the Labor Day weekend crowds at campgrounds is not generally my idea of a relaxing 3-day weekend, but didn’t want to pass on the opportunity to go camping with some friends to wrap up the summer. This trip was no exception to my general rule, but not because of the crazy crowds or loud campgrounds…

We drove out to Wenatchee National Forest (just east of Mt. Rainier National Park) on Friday and were lucky to spot the last available camp ground with enough space for two tents. The sun went down pretty quickly after getting there, so we set up camp and made a quick dinner. It was a coooooold night, so we woke up and made a fire to warm up over breakfast.

Apparently the fire wasn’t raging enough – we ladies were really chilled. Scott wanted to make sure there was enough small pieces of wood to flare up and catch the larger logs. In the process of breaking up an old dead tree, a piece of one lodged itself in Scott’s calf. Ew. (I know, you are scrolling back up, looking at that picture saying “why would he wear shorts when everyone else was so cold?” My thoughts exactly. Sigh.) The best part is the girls spotted it – he never felt it. Even when we were at the doctor’s office. The tetanus shot was more painful than the having a hole cut in his leg. Odd.

We tugged around on it and had no luck getting it out. We drove all over eastern washington – coming upon a town called Naches hoping a clinic of some sort might be open to help us get it out. No go. We got directions to a Yakima (70 miles from the campsite) emergency clinic.

I wasn’t going to take pictures, but in sharing text messages with mom about all of this, I share this exchange with my dad over text messaging:

Kim: Uh, Scott says no pics.
Dad: What about the blog??

That made me laugh so hard while the dr was trying to extract a tree from my husband’s leg. I was quite the disruption. For the sake of the blog, we have some lovely photos.

The culprit is below. Thankfully it didn’t get too infected and all was fine. He had to leave an open wound for a few days to make sure nothing else was in there, but all in all, it just took up his day of fishing and my day of curling up next to a fire with a book. And hey, on the way back we stopped at a farm stand and got an awesome watermelon for $1.99.

When we got back to the campsite we went over to the river to hang out. I was a little nervous to let him walk on the log. We survived 🙂

Saturday night fire. Our friends Kate & Alan (and Lupe). Alan is a friend of Scott’s from high school who lives up here! Kate is Alan’s wife’s sister who just moved up to Seattle from LA to begin a grad school program at UW. Lupe is Alan & Ciara’s pup – who was quite the trooper.

On the way home, we drove through Mt. Rainier National Park. It snowed!! Brr. Thankfully, when we got back into Seattle, it was sunny and warm. The below picture is of the snow (looks like rain, I know) at the entrance to MRNP.




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8 09 2008

Glad your trip turned out fun in spite of poor Scott’s trauma! Did he save the piece of wood for his scrapbook?

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