I still love draw bridges

10 09 2008

The Fremont Bridge made me late to my afternoon meetings today. I still love it though. Note the beautiful never ending blue sky. September in Seattle rules!!!




5 responses

12 09 2008
courtney g

Wow…I was catching up on your latest posts…LOVE the tomatos! I feel like your life is a movie! For real…do normal people eat dinners that pretty! Chicken and rice for us! BORING! 🙂 THanks for always sharing!

12 09 2008

Tell the truth–were you really thinking how much you loved that bridge while you were sitting there worried about getting to your meetings on time?

14 09 2008

Drawbridge… Whats that?

14 09 2008

Court – we eat a lot of chicken and rice type meals over here too, I just don’t blog about them 🙂

Mom – you know me all too well. I was really cursing and yelling at the bridge and then said “hmmm, this would make a fun blog posting, most of my readers don’t see draw bridges every day.” Once I took the picture I returned to my yelling at the bridge (not really, I was pretty serene for some reason that day).

18 09 2008

I haven’t had the pleasure of being stopped by the Fremont Drawbridge yet. However, I despise the Ballard Drawbridge! Aaaahhhuuuugggg!

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