fall has arrived!

29 10 2008

Yeah, there are ugly trucks in the way, and I had to crop out some overhead wires and my side mirror… but hey, the trees are beautiful! Just some of the trees on the way to the gym last night. (Check out that gorgeous sky, our fall weather has been incredible!)

a trip down memory lane…or 2nd avenue

28 10 2008

When I first moved to Seattle (almost 7 1/2 years ago now…wow) I lived downtown in an apartment building at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Pine Street, just one short block from Pike Place Market. I thought I had arrived. Well, after being offered dangerous illegal substances (at a discount price mind you) just minutes before receiving a ticket for Jay-walking, I decided maybe I hadn’t arrived. I lived across the street from a needle exchange and one of Seattle’s most notorious “entertainment” establishments. I lasted 4 months in that apartment before moving to one of Seattle’s great urban neighborhoods, where I truly realized I’d made the right decision to live here.

Anyway, I met Scott & our friend the Slatrat from Anchorage for dinner in Pike Place Market last week and sauntered past my old building. The needle exchange is gone, a sparkling new high-end condo highrise has replaced it with some swanky shops below. I almost felt a twinge of sadness to see such a drastic change. In some ways it was a part of the biggest change I’ve ever made in my life to date. Good and bad, the whole experience has made me a stronger – and maybe even better person. I hope my building mates and landlord (Edgar) are all doing well, we all came together on and around 9/11 as a form of comfort as many of us did not have family around during that frightening time.

The city has changed so much in my seven+ years, I can’t imagine how native Seattlites feel. Thanks 2nd & Pine Apartments for staying the same, you are still a pretty building in the middle of a concrete jungle!


Good Times in Texas

11 10 2008

I have a wonderful sister who had a free ticket on Southwest that was expiring, so she offered it to me to come down and see the family for a quick weekend. We had our usual Alamo Cafe dinner as soon as I got in town, crashing Dick & Joyce’s Friday night ritual (I love when I can join in on traditions). On the way home, Dad said “the bucks have been really healthy this year…” just as we turned our heads to see 5 of them! I don’t think any were smaller than 10 point, they really were beautiful. My camera didn’t take a very good picture, see if you can spot all 5…

I always get nostalgic when up in the computer/workout room, which used to be my bedroom. The view is so pretty from up there! Mom and dad, the hard work you guys put into the yard really shows, it’s like a resort!

Little Abigail was precious as ever. For some reason I don’t have many pictures from the weekend, even of of the bathtime fun. 😦 If anyone else has some good kiddo pics, I’d love to post some! I think Abby looks like the sweetest Lifesaver ever. Little footed Lifesaver.

We celebrated Nathan’s (my cousin who is attending t.u.) 21st birthday on Sunday night. Joyce made a delicious dinner and a reeeeeeeally yummy chocolate cake (something about 4H funny cake? Recipe please!). I think Nate loves college.

I brought him his first sip of alcohol ever (right???) and thought it would be funny to do it high class, you know, Bud Ice 40oz in a brown bag. He entertained me and even drank it.

On my way home the airport was all abuzz, President Bush was in town to honor a woman for doing something that I’m sure was fantastic. Anyway, my flight was delayed because of it. I thought the comedy of me being able to blame Bush for my flight delay was fun…even Dad laughed. 🙂 Air Force One from the end of Terminal One…

Even funnier. Why on earth would they load two dozen boxes of “Live Tropical Fish” to Seattle? I might be the only person in the world who thinks it’s funny, but I giggled quite a bit watching them being loaded.

Sigh, back home in Seattle. No loud but cute kids screaming “HI!!!” at me, just conference calls and some cool weather. Thankfully, my husband was back in town, I missed him! The night I got home, our first fall windstorm was predicted with much rain and cold temperatures…..meaning, pull the tomatoes and peppers! I pulled them all up. Any that were ripe got used in salsa, salads, and chili this weekend, the rest are wrapped in newspaper in the basement. Apparently, they’ll be good until December (should be an interesting test).

I wish I’d had a chance to visit with everyone in Texas. One day, we’ll have endless time and will get to spend good, quality time with everyone. XOXO (thanks for the ticket Mel, you are the best)