a trip down memory lane…or 2nd avenue

28 10 2008

When I first moved to Seattle (almost 7 1/2 years ago now…wow) I lived downtown in an apartment building at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Pine Street, just one short block from Pike Place Market. I thought I had arrived. Well, after being offered dangerous illegal substances (at a discount price mind you) just minutes before receiving a ticket for Jay-walking, I decided maybe I hadn’t arrived. I lived across the street from a needle exchange and one of Seattle’s most notorious “entertainment” establishments. I lasted 4 months in that apartment before moving to one of Seattle’s great urban neighborhoods, where I truly realized I’d made the right decision to live here.

Anyway, I met Scott & our friend the Slatrat from Anchorage for dinner in Pike Place Market last week and sauntered past my old building. The needle exchange is gone, a sparkling new high-end condo highrise has replaced it with some swanky shops below. I almost felt a twinge of sadness to see such a drastic change. In some ways it was a part of the biggest change I’ve ever made in my life to date. Good and bad, the whole experience has made me a stronger – and maybe even better person. I hope my building mates and landlord (Edgar) are all doing well, we all came together on and around 9/11 as a form of comfort as many of us did not have family around during that frightening time.

The city has changed so much in my seven+ years, I can’t imagine how native Seattlites feel. Thanks 2nd & Pine Apartments for staying the same, you are still a pretty building in the middle of a concrete jungle!





2 responses

28 10 2008

It was always so comforting to Dad and me to hear gunshot in the background when we were talking to you when you lived there. However, we love that you are passionate about where you live. It is a beautiful place, and we’re thankful you now have a wonderful husband (don’t tell Scott I said that) and a house in a nice neighborhood.

28 10 2008

Ah… yes… the gunshots. You do know how to live it up… thank God you are still living it up.

I need to head up there for a “green” fix… I mean green as in green… the color… not the liberal green… don’t change too much…

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