Leftovers and Pretty Trees

29 11 2008

I think we should make every weekend a four day weekend! It’s Saturday evening and I’ve accomplished so much already. Cooked dinner for 5ish people and enough for leftovers, celebrated the lighting of the Westlake Center Christmas Tree & Macy’s Star (nitwit, forgot the camera – see last year), had dinner with some good friends and got the Christmas tree up. Now we’re relaxing by the fire and watching good football games and munching on leftovers — love the LaVillita Rolls (Celebrate San Antonio Cookbook) heated up with a dabble of real butter on them.

We got up this morning and headed to a nursery a few blocks from our house to pick out the perfect tree!

Happy guy telling me about the tree varieties

happy guy telling me about the tree varieties

A yummy smelling Noble Fir now happily occupies the corner where our chairs usually go. Nothing like a little furniture re-arranging for a month. Enjoy, can’t wait to see all of your trees! Now…where are my Christmas Cards? (ha!)

Beautiful tree by the fire

pretty tree by the fire (not too close :))




8 responses

29 11 2008
courtney g

Oh yay! I am not the only one who already has a pic of my tree up! Ha 🙂 I love your tree…its so bright and pretty! My camera doesnt show the lights like yours! Oh well! Love Christmas time 🙂

29 11 2008
Aunt Sue

You’re tree is gorgeous!! What’s in the big box?

30 11 2008

is that MY present in the pretty red box??????

30 11 2008

Your tree is pretty! Ours is still up in the attic. Poor dad had to work on the computers at the office ALL day long!!! Want to come help me decorate mine?

30 11 2008

Very pretty.

One good thing about a real tree… you can check the lights before you put them on.

One good thing about a fake tree… the lights are already on… unlit strands need to be up against the wall… after 12 hours of cussing and trying to find the fault.

I am surprised they allow frivolous lights up there in the emerald isle!

30 11 2008

O my your room looks like a storybook setting. Beautiful and very inviting. AND what IS in that box or do I have to wait until after Christmas?

2 12 2008

KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS IN THE BOX!?!?!?!?!?!?

4 12 2008

Oh, the box? Just a super secret special gift for the next sister who delivers me a new niece or nephew. Yeah, I’m making it a competition**.

**all inter-family competition ends when the kids are born

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