Wishbones, do they work?

28 12 2008

Today, we attempt the journey again. A significantly shorter trip, but a trip! We can’t tell you what our wishes were though…

Day 14, it’s kind of getting ridiculous!

27 12 2008

Well, it’s not melting so much. It just keeps STUPID snowing! Last night we walked to a great little mediterranean restaurant called Olive You for dinner in the slushy slipperiness. It was actually fun, but it is so hard to believe how much snow is still on the ground in our neighborhood two weeks after our first snow. Thankfully, the major roads and highways are mostly clear.


still so much snow - day 14 of seattle's wacky winter


our cold yard - think the hydrangeas will survive?


me and the bearded man - he says he'll shave after the snow melts

My first major was meteorology

26 12 2008

Did you guys know that? At my brilliant age of 18, I so didn’t want to go to Texas A&M, I had other plans. So, when I got my acceptance letter, I just picked the first major I saw –meteorology– and went on my merry way with some of my other plans. Well, I ended up getting talked out of my other plans by my very persistent and persuasive parents and chose to go to A&M. Of course, I completely forgot my major was meteorology. It paid off in spades. When I went to register for my first semester of classes, we stood in line by major. If you know me or my mother, you know we are uh…obsessive…when it comes to being early and first in line. We’d heard stories of people getting terrible class schedules so we got there 3 hours early to stand in that long line. Turns out meteorology was not a popular major. There were like 4 people in line and I got my first pick of all classes. The perfect schedule. I should NEVER have an excuse to miss class. At all. Nope. Never.

Maybe I should have stuck with meteorology. I feel as if I’m the local weather man to you guys on my blog this week. Today, we’re above freezing and STAYING that way for another few days at least, with predections of rain. We expect some fairly significant urban flooding from the snow melt, but people are praying for that rain.

We’re Not Dreaming!

25 12 2008

It is a white Christmas. The snow is falling pretty hard this morning, it’s beautiful. I love how it makes everything a little bit quieter. Scott just made me an Americano and then we’ll head over to Cara & Clint’s for what sounds to be a delicious Christmas lunch! Love all of you guys, Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve!

24 12 2008

Today we got out to the store for the makings of a Christmas Eve Feast for the Lpod family. We woke up to some heavy (literally wet & heavy) snowfall of about 4-5 inches. The temperatures are really quite warm – 35° or 36°, allowing for some pretty serious melting, finally! It certainly won’t be melted all the way, we will in fact have a white Christmas!

Tonight’s menu will be:
     Prime Rib
     Mashed potatoes
     Broccolini with brown butter and pecans
     Roasted carrots
     Fresh bread

Dessert will be the Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread Cake. My personal winter favorite!

Happy Christmas Eve, I hope you are all safe and well!

a neighbor's igloo (photo courtesy of Scott's phone)

a neighbor's igloo (photo courtesy of Scott's phone)

If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em

23 12 2008

stunning and frozen west side of greenlake

Well, yesterday we decided to go out and about to see all of the leftover snow. It got up to just above freezing for the first time in over a week yesterday, so it really started to melt. Just in time for it to drop below freezing. We decided there is a good 3-4 inch layer of hard packed snow and ice over all of the streets and still about 6-8 inches of snow on top of that!

First we had to dig out, thankfully our car wasn’t as buried as some of the smaller ones on the street.


time to dig out!

This was the same road we drove to get to the airport a few days ago. It is like a solid road of potholes where the ice has broken up. Good thing it’s Scott’s car taking the beating!


85th Avenue east of Greenwood Avenue North

We went over to Greenlake, we heard part of the lake had frozen over. Much of it melted before we got there in that warm 33° weather, but you can still see the impact of the last 10 days of sub-freezing temperatures.


from the west side of the lake


that boy is on thin ice


confused ducks. hilarious - they kept slipping and falling, wish i had video!


"i can walk on water!!"

Ducks checking out the map trying to figure out what happened to most of their lake.


consulting the greenlake map

Cabin fever is certainly setting in around town. The residents of greenlake were out and about! We saw tons of sledders, speed walkers, runners (that is dedication), and cross country skiers getting their exercise around the lake.


swish swish


the dogs were so happy to be out and about!

Some other random shots. It was so beautiful, I couldn’t pick just one. Or two for that matter.


west bank of greenlake


the guy with the red and black scarf

We decided to check out Lake Union as well and see if there was any frozen parts. None of the lake was frozen, but GasWorks park was so great (forgot to snap pictures). Below is Interstate 5 at Roanoke. We were forced to get back on the highway because the Eastlake neighborhood had all of the hills shut down. So much snow on the side of the highway.


i5 at Roanoke


my Christmas present? Awwww, thanks.



I spy the space needle

Tonight another 2 inches or so should come down, with predictions for Christmas Eve & Christmas snow as well, but our temperatures are slowly starting to warm up each day. Hopefully we will have some relief and snowmelt soon so we can get out of town to see some family!

Christmas is cancelled. Have a sandwich.

22 12 2008

My New Years’ Resolution: NEVER try to fly out on the first day of winter.

As you can see from many of my previous posts, Seattle has been getting colossal amounts of snow (for Seattle) over the last 9 days. Many people are shut in and haven’t really left their houses in that time – the steep hills of Seattle (remember, the original city was built on the 7 great hills) do not lend themselves to safe travels around town when packed snow and ice are present.

The night before we were due to travel down to Texas to visit our families, the snow really picked up. In all, we think we got about 8 inches at our house.


Just before heading out the door - recognize our raised vegetable garden? Yeah, buried.

Scott is an excellent driver in snow, and thankfully, his jeep is made for just this type of thing. We allowed ourselves about 2 hours to get the 20 miles to the airport, but it took just barely over an hour. A little slipping and sliding on some bridges, but Scott is my hero, he’s a great driver.


The Jeep - about 2 hours into the Saturday/Sunday snowstorm


A fun corner on the way to the airport


Aurora by Greenlake. My phone camera does not come close to capturing the magnitude and beauty!

We were so happy by the time we got to the airport! We had more than two hours to get checked in, check our bags, get through security and head toward our ON TIME departure! It’s hard to believe, Alaska Air was cancelling tons of flights, but we were still scheduled to depart on time, lucky us! Well…..we got checked in, we checked our bags, with over an hour to kill and I decided I’d run over to the post office box and drop all of my Christmas cards just before getting in the security line. Dumb. Dumb idea. What went into the PO box with my Christmas cards? Oh, MY ID. All the people sitting around (waiting to get rebooked on their cancelled flights) were embarrassed for how stupid I just was.

Once again, Scott to the rescue. He went to the dark, scary parts of the airport to find someone who might be able to open the PO box and find my license. Problem solved, the rest of the day is going to be a breeze. We get through security, flight still on time. They start boarding the plane at 10:40am, we happily take our middle seats across the plane from each other feeling like the lucky ones who got a flight and it wasn’t cancelled.

Part way through the boarding process, they stopped letting people on the plane. The captain comes on the intercom and says “there’s wind in Houston, and they’ve slowed incoming traffic, we might have to wait 90 minutes before we can take off.” Hmmm, not the foot of snow below us, continuing driving snow, or hurricane force winds in the mountains. Wind. In Houston.


Yep, delayed due to wind in Houston, weater is FINE in Seattle.

So, we hang out on the plane for about 30 minutes, then they tell us we all have to deplane. We hang out in the terminal, waiting for information. Finally! We get notification we have “wheels up” at 1:30, only a 2:15 delay, I can deal with that. They shove us all back on the plane so we can get the door shut by 1pm when the de-icing truck is scheduled.

My wing gets de-iced, covered in all that orangey goodness that keeps us safe. Then it stops. No more, Scott’s wing is still icy and unhappy. 30 minutes pass and we get an announcement “uh, the de-icing truck is broken down, we’ll be up and running soon, we hope.” 30 minutes pass “er, they are still trying to locate a part for the de-icing truck, indefinite delay.” 45 minutes pass, FIRE TRUCKS AND AMBULANCES show up and it appears there might be a FIRE on the roof of Seatac. It felt like a movie.


Oh dear.

At this point, they tell people they can get off the plane if they want, but warned if they try to rebook, they may not get out before Christmas. The couple I was sitting in between got in a horrible argument about staying or going. AWKWARD! I just played on my iPhone pretending I couldn’t hear (except the time I gave unsolicited advice about how they could get their bags, whoops). They left. I had the whole row to myself, I can handle this for another few hours, we’re totally gonna get home! On comes another passenger who spent the last 20+ hours sitting in the Anchorage airport. My happy row was crowded again. At least my husband got to come sit next to me.

Another hour or so, the crew (who was very kind and really handled everything well) decided they were going to bring out hot sandwiches to everyone. A gate agent comes flying onto the plane pushing the flight attendants back, saying she “has an announcement.” Yes! We’re going! We’ll get to Houston tonight, and just drive down to SA. Yes!

Nope. Cancelled. Yes, approximately the time we should have been renting our happy car in San Antonio, after almost 6 hours on that (recycled air) plane, our flight was cancelled just after 5pm (we boarded at 10:40am). 😦 That’s ok! We’ll rebook. Tomorrow we’ll get out, right? No. No flights out. Until Dec 28. We all got a little delirious when they started passing around a bag of sandwiches after that announcement. I said “Christmas is cancelled. Have a sandwich.” and we all laughed until we cried.

So, it’s going to be a quiet LPod Christmas this year. We were pretty devestated last night, and still sad this morning, but we’re thankful we have a warm house and each other, it could be worse! We hope our fellow passenger who had been in Anchorage gets to his home in Houston before Christmas, there were no hotels anywhere last night.


This morning outside our office window. We'll try to get out today and take some real pictures of what's going on!

Merry Christmas, I hope you are all safe, warm and enjoying good quality family time.