4th Annual Anchorage Comes to Seattle Christmas

7 12 2008

Each December, our friends Stephanie & Peter (aka slatrat and skiboy) make their way to Seattle from the great north to do a little Christmas shopping and dine in their favorite local restaurants. We’ve made it an annual tradition to hop into Matt’s in the Market for dinner and good cheer.


the view from our table

I start looking forward to this dinner in the summer, I always leave feeling warm and fuzzy (get your mind out of the gutter! Not from the wine, from the good company). Last year we couldn’t get a table at Matt’s after their remodel, but I called a month in advance this year to make sure we didn’t miss the 4th annual Christmas dinner!


what do you get when you cross a reindeer and a pike place market pig?

Maybe next time we’ll go to Anchorage, thanks for the great evening!




3 responses

7 12 2008

Pretty picture–and you made it snow!!! So cool!

8 12 2008

i want to go to that dinner too! i like your snow. it was 70something here today.

9 12 2008
Aunt Sue

love your pictures (even the way you made it snow; although we’re dealing with nearly 6 inches of snow here today & COLD weather)

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