Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Nutcracker

7 12 2008
Last week, Scott and I attended the Pacific Northwest Ballet to see the Nutcracker production. It was so much fun! This was our second trip to the ballet in the month of November, Scott took me for my birthday as well. 

A rather blurry picture of me & Scott with the Nutcracker & Drosselmeier

Before the ballet, there were Dickens Carolers walking through the halls and statues of all the Nutcracker characters. When my camera decided to behave I grabbed a few shots.


The Scary Uncle Drosselmeier


Mr. Nutcracker

The sets were brilliantly designed by Maurice Sendak, the author of Where the Wild Things Are. There was even a “wild thing” or two in the ballet if you were paying attention to the details on the sets. Before the ballet started, Scott captured a shot of the set and the orchestra – it was pretty fantastic!


The Main Curtain


Part of the Orchestra

After the Nutcracker, we needed to get back to the retail core of downtown where we left our car. We walked back through Seattle Center and Winterfest to get to the Monorail (we’re so touristy) where they have a really cool miniature village set up. I’ve always wanted one of these with the operating train and everything.


Main Town USA.


Wonder if they are having a recession too? Looks so tranquil!




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