Christmas Lights and Snow!!

14 12 2008
Hark! Beautiful Angel.

We made plans with Cara & Clint to go check out some of the neighborhoods in West Seattle who put on quite the display of Christmas lights every year. We lucked out and on the way over to West Seattle it started snowing! Big heavy flakes. I’m currently typing while wrapped up in a down blanket looking out at the fresh snow – that is likely not going anywhere. It’s not even supposed to get above freezing until Wednesday – when it’s supposed to snow again!


My favorite house's decorations

For those of you who know Colorado snow, we call this snow “cement.” It’s very wet and heavy – which makes EXCELLENT snow balls and snowmen. Scott got a little carried away in someone’s front yard and made a snowman.


Once you start, just roll it around and collect more snow!


Scott, Clint, and Cara with their finished product


Cara's first snowball - EVER!

Another beautiful house with lights. I love the white lights on a tree coated with fresh snow. Serene.


Picture Perfect Tree

I think this house was everyone’s favorite. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown! You can barely see on the left of the picture, but Snoopy’s house was decorated just like in the movie. I also didn’t get the piano in there with Linus (just to the right). They have a 50ish foot tree that has a bright star close to the top as well. Beautifully done house!


Merry Christmas Chuck

After we finished with lights, we stopped by a yummy place called Shadow Land in West Seattle. We had some warm comfort food (hello, poutine – thank goodness for the French Canadians) and started out in awe at the snow that was still steadily coming down. Great night with C&C!! I thought this storefront looked so perfect with the snowy (not flocked) garland and Christmas lights.


Perfect Storefront...go shop there!




6 responses

14 12 2008

Those houses with all those lights… is that green? That was in Seattle right?

Looks like you had a great time wish I had been there too. Hope you get some more cement… and no ice.

Have fun.

14 12 2008

Oh so jealous! You guys are ALWAYS up to fun! Well, I guess Abby’s first snow will be in Seattle someday… hopefully not too far from now… love you!

14 12 2008

Your computer snowflakes are too cool… and a little feaky the way they follow you around the screen.

15 12 2008

Omygosh!!!! LOVE the snow flacks

17 12 2008

First snowball… EVER! I had so much fun.
“You know you love me. XOXO”

17 12 2008

Remember Melissa’s 4th birthday party–18″ of snow in San Antonio!!! It’s pretty, but sure hope it doesn’t keep you in Seattle for Christmas!!!

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