If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em

23 12 2008

stunning and frozen west side of greenlake

Well, yesterday we decided to go out and about to see all of the leftover snow. It got up to just above freezing for the first time in over a week yesterday, so it really started to melt. Just in time for it to drop below freezing. We decided there is a good 3-4 inch layer of hard packed snow and ice over all of the streets and still about 6-8 inches of snow on top of that!

First we had to dig out, thankfully our car wasn’t as buried as some of the smaller ones on the street.


time to dig out!

This was the same road we drove to get to the airport a few days ago. It is like a solid road of potholes where the ice has broken up. Good thing it’s Scott’s car taking the beating!


85th Avenue east of Greenwood Avenue North

We went over to Greenlake, we heard part of the lake had frozen over. Much of it melted before we got there in that warm 33° weather, but you can still see the impact of the last 10 days of sub-freezing temperatures.


from the west side of the lake


that boy is on thin ice


confused ducks. hilarious - they kept slipping and falling, wish i had video!


"i can walk on water!!"

Ducks checking out the map trying to figure out what happened to most of their lake.


consulting the greenlake map

Cabin fever is certainly setting in around town. The residents of greenlake were out and about! We saw tons of sledders, speed walkers, runners (that is dedication), and cross country skiers getting their exercise around the lake.


swish swish


the dogs were so happy to be out and about!

Some other random shots. It was so beautiful, I couldn’t pick just one. Or two for that matter.


west bank of greenlake


the guy with the red and black scarf

We decided to check out Lake Union as well and see if there was any frozen parts. None of the lake was frozen, but GasWorks park was so great (forgot to snap pictures). Below is Interstate 5 at Roanoke. We were forced to get back on the highway because the Eastlake neighborhood had all of the hills shut down. So much snow on the side of the highway.


i5 at Roanoke


my Christmas present? Awwww, thanks.



I spy the space needle

Tonight another 2 inches or so should come down, with predictions for Christmas Eve & Christmas snow as well, but our temperatures are slowly starting to warm up each day. Hopefully we will have some relief and snowmelt soon so we can get out of town to see some family!




4 responses

24 12 2008
courtney garrison

Oh Kim! White Christmas for sure! Those pics are amazing! Your blog is our only access to a white Christmas so keep us posted! Sorry you didn’t make it him..but made for a hilarious entry 🙂

24 12 2008
courtney garrison

Oh Kim! White Christmas for sure! Those pics are amazing! Your blog is our only access to a white Christmas so keep us posted! Sorry you didn’t make it home..but made for a hilarious entry 🙂

24 12 2008

Very pretty. But, I like the Emerald City better… we miss you.

24 12 2008

You know–maybe you getting stranded was a blessing in disguise. You get to enjoy the biggest snowfall in Seattle in a long time. You and Scott know how to make the best of everything, it seems. We still miss you, however!

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